What are ‘Non-Traditional’ Living Room Layouts?

Other than the bedroom, the living room is usually where we spend most of our time when at home. This means that they need to be comfortable, welcoming, and functional. They should be somewhere we feel relaxed and able to unwind.

Whether you’re painting the walls, looking for a cool piece of wall art or checking out a sofa sectional sale, designing the interior of your living space can take time and effort. However, it’s important that your living room reflects your personality, so take as much time as you need. If you’re a fan of experimentation, why not try out some non-traditional living room layouts? We’ve listed some below. Read on to check them out.

Two Sofas Facing Each Other

Our living room is where we spend quality time relaxing with our nearest and dearest. However, in today’s living rooms, the main point of focus is almost always the TV. While this can be fantastic for entertainment purposes, it does come at the expense of social interaction. If you and your family spend all your time watching TV, you might find it hard to properly maintain and strengthen your bonds.

If you want a living room that is more focused on socializing, consider having two sofas facing each other, rather than the TV. This will instantly create a stronger connection between you and your guests. Instead of being focused on the TV, you and your family will be facing each other, which will promote far more conversation and social interaction.

In fact, studies have revealed that communicating face-to-face with our loved ones can even improve our health, which is even more reason to adopt this kind of living room layout.

Floating Furniture

When we are designing a living room, the traditional choice is to push the back of the sofa up against the wall, have a coffee table just in front of the sofa, and then have lots of free floor space in front of that. While this is certainly a practical and attractive layout, there are other options available.

One style that is particularly suitable for larger spaces is the floating furniture arrangement. This is when all the furniture, be it sofas, chairs, or tables, is placed centrally in the space, away from the walls and the sides. This can create an interesting effect that, while sacrificing some floor space, can create a cozy, inviting space perfect for relaxing in.

Diagonal Arrangement

Traditionally, the furniture in our living rooms is arranged in straight lines, usually parallel to the walls. This creates a neat, organized layout with clearly defined areas and zones. However, this kind of layout can often be a little bit boring and uninspired. It runs the risk of your living looking the same as all the other living rooms out there.

If you want to try something new, why not experiment with a diagonal arrangement? This can be a fantastic way to give your living room a unique, unexpected twist, with the off-center placement of elements in the space creating a playful, dynamic vibe.


If you want to break from tradition and design a fun, unique living room, try out some of the ideas above in your home.