What are Home Buyers Looking for in a Property Today?

If you’re looking to sell your home, now could well be the best time to do so. Despite the significant growth in house prices in recent months, less people are putting their homes on the market than ever before. There is an abundance of buyers out there looking for homes, and getting frequently beaten to the punch; interest in your listing is guaranteed. But what exactly are buyers looking for?

What Buyers are Looking For


As ever, the exterior of any home is an important factor in its sale; whether or not the outside of a home is a priority for those that appear for viewings, it is unavoidably the first thing a viewer will see – and can be the important basis for any first impressions of your property.

Energy Efficiency

This is a factor that had become important in recent years, owing to growing public awareness of the climate crisis and the personal impacts a household can have on greenhouse gas emissions. However, it has become a particular pressure point for buyers lower on the property ladder, as the rising cost of energy presents a real financial issue for families with less in the way of income and assets.

Space for a Home Office

Even after work-from-home guidance was lifted by the government at the start of 2022, remote working has remained a popular option for professionals today. As such, additional space for a fitted home office has become a key priority for younger professional households, so that workers can cultivate a comfortable office space while maintaining separation between work and home.


Security is an evergreen concern for house-hunters, and remains an important factor today. Even in more affluent neighbourhoods with lower crime statistics, being able to demonstrate a high level of security can make viewers feel much safer about choosing your property. This kind of security can be experienced on properties like the apartments for rent in Miami.

How to Present Your Home to its Full Potential

A Fresh Lick of Paint – In and Out

One of the best and most cost-effective ways to bring a property back to its best before viewings is to break out the paint rollers. Fresh paint in a neutral colour scheme throughout your living spaces can give prospective buyers a great base on which to project their own ideas for the space, increasing your chance of a sale. Painting the outside with weather-resistant paint can also help to freshen the home, removing the chance of a dullened housefront from affecting first impressions.

Natural Light

By encouraging natural light to penetrate further into your home, you can ensure it is shown in its best light. Mirrors can help redirect light from the windows into darker corners and hall spaces, while careful re-allocation of furniture can ensure no windows are blocked out.

 Spring Clean

Lastly, a last-minute de-cluttering session is well worth your while before you begin to accept viewings. Getting rid of unwanted furniture and items frees up room and storage space alike, and also makes your life easier when you come to complete a sale.