What Are Adhesive Nose Pads for Glasses, and Do I Need Them?

If you’ve chosen eyewear that doesn’t feature incorporated nose pads, adhesive pads can be used to provide extra support and comfort. Normally, they can simply be either slid or stuck onto the part of the frame that touches the wearer’s nose, and both applying and removing adhesive nose pads is a quick and easy task.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about adhesive nose pads, including why they’re beneficial, the different types of pads available, where to find them, and how to apply them. Let’s get started!

Who Needs Adhesive Nose Pads?

No matter what type of glasses you wear, you could find they put pressure on the side of your nose, causing discomfort, redness, and even a headache. You may be particularly at risk of feeling this discomfort if you need to wear your spectacles for a significant amount of time every day or if your prescription is strong, meaning that your lenses may be on the heavier side. Sometimes, a particular type of frame shape may cause more issues than another, and this will vary by individual.

No matter the reason, if you’re finding that your spectacles are leaving indents in the skin on either side of your nose, or you’re feeling discomfort in this area when wearing your glasses, then it could be time to try some adhesive nose pads. For such little, inexpensive things, you may be surprised at just how much of a difference they make!

Many spectacles incorporate nose pads as part of their design – the range available at Glasses USA, for example, has inbuilt nose pads for the comfort of the wearer. But for those whose glasses don’t have pads or that would like some extra cushioning, adhesive nose pads are a great solution.

Are There Different Types of Adhesive Nose Pads?

Yes – which is great news, as it means you can find the type that offers you the most increased comfort level for your particular needs.

You may want to consider skin-colored pads made from foam designed for a luxurious cushioning effect. Or perhaps a teardrop-shaped clear silicone pad would suit you better – this option is soft and flexible, non-slip, and can add significant comfort for those wearing hard plastic frames. You could even opt for wing-style silicone nose pads that fold over for greater adhesion and skin coverage. 

Where Can I Buy Adhesive Nose Pads for Glasses

Happily, nose pads are readily available. It’s worth asking your optician, who may have a range of pads available that you could try out. Alternatively, many online glasses manufacturers stock nose pads, and there are specialist stores, too, that offer many accessories for spectacle wearers, including adhesive pads.

Before buying online, ensure that the seller is reputable by checking plenty of online reviews from past customers (particularly relating to those who have purchased the same product) and taking a look at the customer service and returns provision and policy.

How to Place or Replace Adhesive Nose Pads

If you’re feeling the pressure of your glasses frames on the skin on the side of your nose, then trying out some adhesive nose pads could be a great idea. They’re super easy to place onto your specs, too.

Before getting started, it’s recommended that you thoroughly clean your glasses. To do this, run your specs under slowly running lukewarm water for a few moments, and then place a small drop of a suitable cleaning solution onto each lens. Using a soft cloth, gently clean all the surfaces of the frames and the lenses – you may wish to use a toothbrush to get into the little nooks and crannies! Once this is done, rinse your glasses again under warm water and then dry them fully.

Now you’re ready to begin applying the nose pads! First, peel away the backing paper of the pad to reveal the adhesive side. To ensure the pad adheres as well as possible, avoid touching this sticky side – instead, it’s recommended that you use tweezers to remove and apply nose pads. Next, stick the pads onto the frame surface that would be otherwise touching the skin.

And that’s it! You should now enjoy a more comfortable wearing experience. If, however, you continue to feel discomfort, it’s important to get your eye care practitioner to check things out to make sure your frames aren’t too small, for example.

Other Types of Nose Pads for Glasses

There are three main types of nose pads for glasses; as well as adhesive pads, there are also screw-in and push-in pads available. Although nose pads are most commonly made from silicone, they can also be manufactured from glass, rubber, and even ceramic.

It’s important to, on occasion, replace the nose pads on your glasses as, over time, dirt, moisture, and sweat can cause them to suffer wear and tear. This can begin to impinge on the comfort of the specs, so changing them is important. Doing so can even maximize the life span of your glasses, too – especially important if you have a favorite pair!

The Takeaway

Adhesive nose pads can be a great way to make wearing your glasses more comfortable on a daily basis. As well as being ineffective, these nose pads are easy to apply and replace and could make a huge difference in your daily life.