This Crane Operator Snaps Photos In His Free Time. What His Camera Captured Is Simply Breathtaking.

In photography, capturing perfect shots requires patience, timing and the right perspective.

So if you’re Wei Gensheng who works as a crane operator on top of what will be the second highest building in the world, the Shanghai Tower, and you happen to love photography, you just can’t pass up a golden photo opportunity to capture the breathtaking views of the city below.

Take a look.

wg1Wei Gensheng

wg3Wei Gensheng
wg2Wei Gensheng

wg4Wei Gensheng

wg5Wei Gensheng


wg6Wei Gensheng

wg12Wei Gensheng

wg13Wei Gensheng

wg10Wei Gensheng

wg7Wei Gensheng

wg8Wei Gensheng

wg9Wei Gensheng

wg11Wei Gensheng

It’s not everyday that you get to see the sprawling magnificence of the city you live in. But thanks to this crane operator, the people of Shanghai and the rest of the world now have an idea how beautiful the city looks like from up above.

(Credit: Wei Gensheng via DailyMail)