Video Game Development

Creating a game is a multifaceted process. Modern games need to be trendy to be relevant and popular. In addition, their creators must follow the rules of game design. The game’s storytelling and gameplay should help and engage the player.

Turnkey game development by game dev company is a multi-level task made up of a number of separate components.

The Video Game Concept is the main development proposal document that summarizes all the necessary points.

What is it for?

Developing the visual aspect of a video game is an essential part of creating a product. The design document governs collaboration between artists, programmers and developers.

After the final approval of the design document, it becomes the basis for the work of all performers. They stick to a set plan and shape the game around it.

Game design is a broad concept. The finished game begins with the creation of a game design document. It prescribes the plot, characteristics of the game world, characters and type of characters, the mechanics of character interaction and other important moments for the game.

The plot of the game is one of the key factors for a person’s immersion in the gameplay. The actions of the character should be logical, and the story should be woven into the game world. A computer game that evokes real experiences in a person is a game with a high-quality plot.

What do game developers do?

The artist works on each level separately. At the stage of level design, the landscape is created, the designer draws the environment with all the necessary and secondary details. Maps are created, according to which the player will navigate if necessary.

The developers are working on two areas:

– The nature of the player’s interaction with the game world.

– The player receives the necessary information, the reaction to each action.

– All cards and hints should be designed so that they are easily interpreted by the player and are available for use.

– The thoughtful sound design of the game allows the player to immerse themselves in the created reality.

The developers add rich, lively sounds that bring users to events on the screen. The finished soundtrack can be borrowed from sound libraries, in some cases music is recorded specifically for a specific one by video game programmers. In sound design unity gaming company, not only real, but also artificially created sounds can be used.

What does it support?

After mixing the plot, graphics, gameplay and software base of the game, the creation of a video game is almost complete. But to identify possible errors in its work, plot inconsistencies, gaps in player motivation and graphic flaws, testing is required.

Professional gamers are often hired to test games, who can immediately see the missing details of the gameplay with an experienced eye. Making trial game sessions, they identify poorly worked out points, and also report software bugs. This allows you to finalize the game and release it to the market without technical, plot, graphic and other errors.

Who can take part?

A marketing team is engaged in launching and promoting a new game product on the market. For this task, we study the target audience, its requests, the main and popular market trends. After that, advertising for a new game is launched, which is held on all available sites.

Promotion includes demonstration of the features of the new game. The user can see the video for a couple of seconds, screenshots, or will be able to test the game for several hours with access to all the options. The demonstration is more often attended by journalists, company employees, active users. A presentation combined with a marketing strategy allows you to get maximum efficiency.

How to apply?

The finished game is a multi-level product. Game designers and developers use different tricks to achieve integrity.

Creating a turnkey game with game development company with a seamless world will allow the player to achieve 100% immersion in the gameplay, although it will complicate the task for the developers. But it is open world games that usually become the bestsellers in the gaming market.

Game designers, marketers and project managers will do everything to ensure that the creation and promotion of the game brings you the expected income. Still have questions? Ask them by phone or write to us by e-mail.