Sailors Position Themselves. Then, The Man In The Center Screams And They Move As One

These 18 US sailors were going up against the best military units from all over the world and NATO, but it was no surprise when they were informed that they bagged the first place.

Established in 1931, this ceremonial honor guard silent drill team of the Navy represents the service in presidential, private, and public ceremonies, from inaugurations to arrival ceremonies for foreign officials, showcasing to the world the topnotch skills of our nation’s warriors. These men have trained for years to get at the highest level of their skills.

Please watch the whole routine and see what we are talking about. While other countries likes to mock American exceptionalism, but when it comes time to put boots on the ground, they look to us to defend freedom and prosperity to the world.

With men like these defending our freedom, we are sure our country will be collecting that 1st place prize for years to come. Incredible work guys!

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