This Mural Is Painted Upside-Down On Purpose. The Stunning Effect Will Take Your Breath Away.

Located in Lithuania, this eye-catching mural is the work of New-York based artist Ray Bartkus. Like most of his captivating works of modern art, Bartkus’ fascinating street art offers an interesting visual twist – it’s upside-down!

upside down mural 1

via freshome

The artist’s beautiful mural, featuring swimmers, rowers and swans, in the Lithuanian city of Marijampolė, is designed to use the water’s surface as its true canvas. It’s intentionally painted upside-down so the art would be reflected right-side-up onto the Šešupė River that runs throughout the center of the city.

upside down mural 2

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It’s painted on the side of what seems to be a revitalized building, which probably has become a landmark of the neighborhood by now.

upside down mural 3

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The image (see first photo) used to demonstrate the effect of Bartkus’ work has been partially edited, perhaps to highlight the painting. Unfortunately, the digital altercations left several readers unconvinced of the painting’s unique design.

upside down mural 4

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But according to those who have seen the upside-down mural in person say it looks just as awesome in real life. A completely unaltered photo taken by Jurgita Azukaityte shows that even without any manipulation, Bartkus’ breathtaking art looks as if it was painted directly onto the river’s surface.

upside down mural 6

Jurgita Azukaityte │ via Bored Panda