Universities Of Applied Sciences Of The Netherlands: Admission To the Bachelor’s Degree In September 2021

Admission to Dutch universities is a rather complicated process, and it is not so much related to the enrollment itself, as to the difficulty in choosing the type of educational institution. In this article, we want to give more information about admission to universities of applied sciences. At the moment, only universities of this level are open for admission, without an additional year of training. Education at Dutch universities is quite complicated, that’s why many students prefer to buy coursework.

Higher education in the Netherlands at the bachelor’s level is provided by two types of universities – Universities of Applied Sciences and Research Universities. Graduates of foreign secondary schools can apply for admission to bachelor’s programs (without an additional year of training) only at universities of applied sciences (Applied Sciences). This is because the level of the Certificate of Full secondary Education corresponds to the Dutch HAVO level (Hoger algemeen voortgezet onderwijs). The HAVO secondary education level makes it possible to enroll in Bachelor’s degree programs at universities of applied sciences. To enroll in research universities in the Netherlands, students (grade 11) need an additional year of study, which is equivalent to the Dutch VWO secondary education level – and gives them the right to enter Research universities.

Advantages of studying in the Netherlands on a bachelor’s degree program at universities of applied sciences:

– Studying at universities in English

The diploma of Dutch universities is recognized all over the world

– Affordable tuition fee: from 7,500 to 14,000 euros per year

– The training is focused on getting students practical skills

– Bachelor’s degree from the Universities of Applied Sciences of the Netherlands

– Duration of training: 4 years

Start of training: September 

Tuition fee: 7,500 euros-14,000 euros

Minimum age: 17+

Entrance exams: IELTS/TOEFL

Minimum academic level: Certificate of full secondary education

When to apply for admission to universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands?

Universities of Applied Sciences of the Netherlands accept documents from foreign students until May 31, the current academic year. Educational managers recommend submitting documents in the period from November to March. This is since many educational institutions give foreign students discounts for training and the decision on discounts are made in the period from March to April. Please note to students and parents that to receive a discount at some universities, you must be enrolled in a bachelor’s program and pay the full tuition fee.

Requirements of universities of Applied Sciences for applicants

The educational agencies help to prepare documents correctly and apply for admission to universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. The list of documents for enrollment is compiled after students choose an educational institution and a course. 

General requirements for applicants for bachelor’s programs: · Certificate of Secondary Education · IELTS 6.5

The cost of studying at universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands

The cost of studying at Dutch universities is affordable for students and ranges from about 7,500 euros to 14,000 euros per year. In addition to studying, students pay for accommodation: from 7000 euros per year, insurance and additional administrative fees. Please note that many educational institutions deduct the cost for visa procedures: from 350 to 500 euros (since universities apply for a study permit on behalf of a student).

To obtain a permit to study in the Netherlands, a student or parents must confirm the availability of funds in a bank account. The amount will be approximately 12,000 euros (living expenses) + the cost of one year of training.

Please note that there is no free education for students at Dutch universities. Scholarships can be provided only in the form of a discount for training from 1000 to 2500 euros.

Universities of Applied Sciences of the Netherlands

For applicants who finish the 11th grade in 2020, and want to enroll in Dutch universities and study on the bachelor’s program from September 2020, we recommend considering the following universities and courses. For your convenience, we have written out courses in universities that accept foreign students and whose teaching is conducted in English.

Amsterdam University of applied sciences

Tuition fee: from 8000 EUR per year

·International Business, Bachelor Degree

Avans University of Applied Sciences

Tuition fee: from 8000 EUR per year

· Finance and Control, Bachelor Degree

· International Business, Bachelor Degree

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Tuition fee: from 9800 EUR per year

· Tourism Management

· Bachelor of Science Tourism

· Logistics Management

· Logistics Engineering

· Built Environment

· Leisure and Events Management

· Bachelor of Science in Leisure Studies

· Creative Media and Game Technologies

· Creative Business

· Hotel Management

· International facility Management

EuroCollege University Rotterdam

Tuition fee: from 16 000 EUR per year

· International Business & Entrepreneurship

· International Event Management

· International Hotel & Hospitality Management

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Tuition fee: from 7800 EUR per year

· Academy of Music and Performing Arts

· Circus and Performance Art

· Communication – International Communication Management

· Dance Academy

· Electrical and Electronic Engineering

· ICT: Information & Communication Technology

· Industrial Engineering and Management

· International Business

· International Lifestyle Studies

· Logistics Engineering

· Marketing Management – Digital Business Concepts

· Marketing Management 0 International Marketing

· Mechanical Engineering

· Mechatronics

· Physiotherapy

· Software Engineering Business Informatics

HAN University of Applied Sciences

Tuition fee: 8000 EUR per year

· Automotive Engineering

· Chemistry

· Life Sciences

· Mechanical Engineering

· Communication

· International Business

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Tuition fee: from 8300 EUR per year

· Creative Business

· International Business

· Teacher Education in English/German/French or Spanish

HZ University of Applied Sciences

Tuition fee: 7750 EUR per year

· Chemistry

· Civil Engineering

· Industrial Engineering and Management

· Information and Communication Technology

· International Business

· Logistics Engineering

· Tourism Management

· Water management

Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Tuition fee: from 8000 EUR per year

· Aeronautical Engineering

· Business Innovation

· Creative Business

· Information Technology

· Mathematical Engineering

· Tourism Management

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

Tuition fee: from 8150 EUR per year

· Business Administration

· Creative Business, Media Management

· Information Technology

· International Business

· International Hospitality Management

· International Logistics Management

· International Teacher education in Primary Schools

· International Teacher Education for Secondary Schools

· Leisure and Event management

· Marketing Management

· Tourism Management