20 Amazingly Easy Two-Ingredient Recipes You Should Try

These two-ingredient recipes are not only incredibly delicious, they’re super easy to make as well. If ever you need to whip up something tasty in a jiff, or when you have to surprise your family and friends with a delicious treat without laboring all day in the kitchen… this list is absolutely all you need. Enjoy!

1. Simple yet sophisticated. No one will ever know it only took you 2 ingredients to make this lemon mousse.

Recipe: Bakeify

2 ingredient recipe 7

Just DIY

2. You had me at Nutella.

Recipe: Kirbie Cravings

2 ingredient recipe 13

Just DIY

3. You can’t always wait for Girl Scout cookies to come knocking, so… make your own thin mints!

Recipe: In Katrina’s Kitchen

2 ingredient recipe 20

Just DIY

4. These cheesy bites will be perfect for your next party.

Recipe: Celebrations at Home

2 ingredient recipe 5

Just DIY

5. Light and fluffy southern staple that are so, so easy to make.

Recipe: The Kitchn

2 ingredient recipe 3

Just DIY


6. The flavor combinations are endless!

Recipe: Cookies and Cups

2 ingredient recipe 4

Just DIY

7. For real – these banana oatmeal cookies only require 2 ingredients.

Recipe: The Burlap Bag

2 ingredient recipe - 2

Just DIY

8. For those lazy nights, whip this up for a quick and tasty meal.

Recipe: All Recipes

2 ingredient recipe 6

Just DIY

9. A cheesy treat you and your kids will definitely enjoy.

Recipe: Come Together Kids

2 ingredient recipe 8

Just DIY

10. Delicious and super easy to make – perfect combination!

Recipe: Two Peas And Their Pod

2 ingredient recipe 9

Just DIY

11. For those days when you just have to have warm, chocolatey desserts.

Recipe: Picky Palate

2 ingredient recipe 10

12. The simplest souffle around.

Recipe: Sugarlaws

2 ingredient recipe 18

Just DIY

13. Two-ingredient chocolate mousse… nuff said.

Recipe: Oh, Lady-cakes

2 ingredient recipe 12

Just DIY

14. This dessert takes cookies and cream to a new level!

Recipe: Bakers Royale

2 ingredient recipe 14

Just DIY

15. Making macaroons has never been this easy.

Recipe: Food

2 ingredient recipe 11

Just DIY

16. Have a refreshing taste of the South all summer.

Recipe: Paper & Stitch

2 ingredient recipe 15

Just DIY

17. Two-ingredient pizza dough, probably the easiest you can make!

Recipe: Kidspot

2 ingredient recipe - 1

Just DIY

18. When you can’t wait for fall for pumpkin-flavored baked goods.

Recipe: Cookies and Cups

2 ingredient recipe 16

Just DIY

19. Magic chocolate shells…magic!

Recipe: Alpha Mom

2 ingredient recipe 17

Just DIY

20. This is would be perfect for a girly birthday party.

Recipe: Cookies and Cups

2 ingredient recipe 19

Just DIY