Topmost Scenic Road Trips from Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a popular tourist destination in the world due to its iconic skyline, bustling nightlife, unique shopping malls, beautiful islands, enthralling garden, and many more parks and resorts.

Most people plan to spend their vacations in the UAE to explore everything in Dubai.

If you are planning a Dubai trip with your family and friends, we suggest you hire an auto from professional Dubai Rent A Car Company to commute around in the city.

The majority of tourists usually go to parks, malls, islands, restaurants, and resorts. Why don’t you plan something unique?

Is it not a good idea to go on a road trip? Dubai tracks and roads are matchless in their remarkable beauty.

We are sure that you will enjoy the road trip because the journey will also be amazing and eye-catching along with the destination.

Here are the top scenic road trips you must go from Dubai in UAE during your Dubai trip.


Hatta is the best ever place to explore particularly when you go there on a road trip. Hatta is present only 15km away from Dubai.

If you want to enjoy the glimpses of all the contemporary typecasts of Dubai, you should visit it.

There is a small heritage village having Bedouin houses. You will also be amazed to see pools and forts of the 16th century in the Hajar Mountains.

Despite rental car service in Dubai, there is also Hatta Mountain Safari for on-time pick and drop rides for tourists.


Have you ever experienced a trip to “Norway of the Middle East”?

If not, you should not miss the opportunity of visiting the most attractive and fascinating place in the world whenever you go to the UAE.

Khasab is 198km away from Dubai. If you are planning a weekend trip, we suggest you go on a Khasab road.

Khasab is an attractive district of Oman which is famous for the name “Norway of the Middle East”.

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After leasing a vehicle, spend a weekend on Khasab by viewing Khasab Castle, Khasab Fort, and Oman Fjords.


If you are a true admirer of Arabic tradition, Down Cruise in Dibba is the best place for you to experience every little thing about the Arabian lifestyle.

Dibba is present only a three-hour drive away from Dubai. So, rent an automobile from Dubai vehicle rentals and rush toward the nearby villages of Dibba.

Along with experiencing Arabic tradition, you can also enjoy various outdoor games including mountain biking, Kayaking, and rock climbing.

As you have to enter Oman while going to Dibba by a road trip, so we suggest you explore Dibba and Khasab together on a long weekend trip.


Liwa is situated at a distance of 292 kilometers from Dubai. The most enjoyable thing in Dubai is to go for a long drive on a never-ending stretch of road in the beautiful rainy weather.

If you are also passionate about going for a long drive, lease a car from car lease Dubai services and go to your favorite trip by road.

Are you planning to go to Liwa? You will surely enjoy your weekend in Liwa as there are many places to see in Liwa such as Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, Mezairaa Town, Sheikh Hamad Auto Museum, and Liwa Fort.

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy road trips in Dubai on the most beautiful roads of the UAE by renting the luxury automobiles from Rent A Car Dubai Company.