Check Out Top Online Tools to Write Perfect College Essays

The process of writing a good college essay can be time-consuming and quite tough if you do not have enough experience. It is not rare when students use online essay service to find all the help they can get.

You should not panic because we have access to the internet and can use plenty of tools to compose a perfect essay. In this article, we are going to run through the best online tools.

By using these tools, you will learn how to write an essay yourself and save time. Students who want to receive online writing assistance should be conscientious to find a reliable company.

The only way is to find real feedback from writers and other students, like the PapersOwl reviews, which will vanish all your fears and hesitations to use such services.

Online Tools to Plan/Research College Essays:

The first thing you have to do, even before writing itself, is to plan. You should be ready to do a sort of research or find the notes you have done before during your lectures. Use these tools to plan every step of your creative process.

Essay Map

The tool guides you through the entire process of planning. Three main ideas and three subpoints present the format. If you are not an advanced planner, it is an excellent tool to start with.

It is possible to save the map to your device. Students who like to work with regular paper can print a blank map and fill in according to the assignment.


Evernote looks like an online notebook. Students keep written notes, photos, or videos there. You should also store your college-related notes.

It is very simple to find even tiny administrative pieces. After logging in, you can get access to Evernote from any device. It is the best keeper of your plans, ideas, and upcoming essay writing assignments.

There is a search option to find particular words/phrases. Do not forget to check the Evernote Chrome extension to be able to save webpages at the click of a single button.

Online Tools to Compose College Essays:

As soon as you have planned your writing process, found informative books/journals/articles as your references, you have to start writing your college essay. You will prepare your final draft much faster by using the following tools.

Google Timer

Students find it very difficult to stay focused while writing essays. It is quite tough to sit down and start writing during the entire evening.

Google Timer will help you concentrate on your college essay for as much as you want. You should try using a timer while writing. You will focus and can easily break your writing into tiny chunks.

Try to devote 30–45 minutes for your essay. It is straightforward to set the timer, which will appear on your device’s screen and will start automatically.


This application blocks websites, which keep you distracted. Students who require internet access for other online tools should not worry because of the Freedom app blocks such websites as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

However, it is possible to prevent the internet entirely. Note that this app is not free. So, there is another free alternative called Cold Turkey, which works on Chrome.

EndNote Basic

A lot of students use this popular online reference managing tool, which is free of charge. You should try it to find various online databases and catalogs.

Students can make their own reference manually. You have to fill in a form. Students who work on several college essays at the same time should organize the references into separate groups and share them with other students. The tool is efficient in collaborating with coursemates.

The Oxford English Dictionary

It is an excellent tool for students who study literature/linguistics, where it is necessary to use the origin of words.

The app is not free, but you can check with your college or library in case they have access to it. It is much more than a standard dictionary.

You can start hunting through words with quotations to find the ones you need for your essay!

Online Tools to Edit Your Text:

As soon as you have finished writing your essay, do not rush to send it to your teacher. It can be considered “done” after editing. These tools will make your final draft polished.


Did you know that Grammarly uses artificial intelligence? It deals with grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style.

You just need to turn it while writing. You can use it not only for essays. It is very efficient for writing emails, etc. You can use it as a plugin for Chrome, or get MS Office version.

Both online and offline versions are available. Grammarly marks all errors. Also, the places where you have used vague language are spotted.


The app works like previously described Grammarly. It mainly focuses on the style and readability of your essay.

It can also stop misused words and typos. By using this app, your way of writing college essays will be the same as Ernest Hemingway has – clear and concise writing. The app will help you get rid of complex words/sentence structures.

When you write a college essay, it happens that you start struggling to find the matching word to the context. It often happens to all professional writers as well.

It feels to you have an idea, and you know what you should say, but the right words do not want to appear. Some ideas are very difficult to express.

The app will help you change particular words to avoid using the same words too often within the text. As a rule, all the variants sound matching and quite elegant.

The application will broaden students’ vocabulary. You will discover a lot of synonyms and antonyms.


This collection of online tools will make you the guru of essay writing assignments. Each of them offers different features to help students write better essays. If we have missed other efficient tools that you use, do not hesitate to tell us about it.