Top 5 Places You Must Visit In Thailand in 2023

Whether you are visiting Thailand for the first time or looking to explore its many gems, there are certain places you must not miss. 

These places include Chiang Mai, Phang Nga Bay, and Ko Lanta.

Chiang Mai

Whether you are planning a trip to Thailand in the next couple of years or have already visited, Chiang Mai is one place you cannot miss. 

It is a vibrant and culturally diverse city that offers exciting activities and stunning landscapes. You will find an abundance of markets, ancient temples and modern buildings all surrounded by lush countryside.

Chiang Mai is home to more than 300 temples. These temples are built in the Lanna style, which originated in the Lanna Kingdom from the 13th to the 19th century. The temples feature carved wood decorations and small doors. The temples also display antique motifs in gold.

Doi Suthep is Chiang Mai’s most iconic temple. It is a 13th century temple on the top of Doi Suthep mountain. The temple is home to a replica of the Emerald Buddha and a large white elephant shrine. 

The temple also offers a fantastic view of the city. You can reach the temple by motorbike, but you can also see it via Songathep tour.

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city, but you should be prepared for the weather. The temperature is cooler than in other parts of Thailand. 

It is also possible to experience flash floods in the rainy season. The city also experiences a burning season in February and April. This reduces the quality of the air vastly so be prepared for low humidity.

The city is also home to a large number of night markets. There are also many hostels for tourists, including budget and party hostels. 

The night market in Chiang Mai is a good place to find great bargains and enjoy a bit of Thai street food. One of the best things about Chiang Mai is its food. You can find a wide variety of cuisines. There are many places to eat throughout the city.

The market is also a great place to shop for handicrafts and clothing. You will also find plenty of local markets, which are open almost every day.

Chiang Mai is a great place to explore the northern part of Thailand. The city has a vibrant culture and friendly locals. The main difference between southern Thailand and northern Thailand is that the former is cooler.

Ko(h) Lanta

Located on the west coast of Thailand, Ko Lanta is a popular vacation destination. 

It is also a great alternative to Phuket. Ko Lanta has a laid-back, easy-going atmosphere that makes it an ideal spot for tourism. It is also a popular destination for international travelers.

There are plenty of things to do in Ko Lanta. One of the most popular activities is cave exploring. The Khao Mai Kaew Cave is a short trek in Ko Lanta where visitors can explore cave pools, bats, and bamboo bridges.

Another popular activity is scuba diving. There are several dive sites in the area, each only a few minutes away by boat. Some of the sites have crystal clear water and huge schools of fish.

The island’s name, Lanta, refers to the “Lanta-Noi” (small Lanta) island and the “Lanta-Rok” (big Lanta) island. The islands are located off the west coast of Thailand, and are separated by the Andaman Sea.

The island also offers fire shows at several restaurants. You can also take cooking classes at a nearby cooking school. You can also explore the historical old town of Ko Lanta. 

This is a small but charming town that is still untouched by outside influence. The island is also home to hundreds of bamboo huts.

One of the best beaches in Ko Lanta is Bamboo Bay. The bay features long stretches of white sand, lush green surroundings, and blue-green water.

The Ko Lanta National Park is a great place for exploring the natural environment. It’s also home to a lighthouse that provides panoramic views of the area. It’s also home to a marine park.

Ko Lanta is one of the best places to eat seafood. There are several restaurants that serve fresh seafood. Ko Lanta also has fire shows at several restaurants.

The island also has several inland attractions. The Sai Thai Cookery School offers cooking classes. There are also several yoga centers that offer classes. There is also a fire-show at Freedom Bar.

You can also rent a scooter in Ko Lanta. It costs about 6 US dollars for the day. You can also take a taxi or hire a private car.

Phang Nga Bay

Located in southern Thailand, Phang Nga Bay is a beautiful seaside paradise with majestic limestone cliffs. 

It is also known for its numerous islands. Visiting Phang Nga Bay is a great experience. There are numerous tours that offer sightseeing activities and activities.

If you are looking for something more adventurous, take an adventure cruise with Kayaking. The trip includes kayaking and snorkeling, and a multilingual guide. It is also ideal for groups that are eager for an eco-tour.

Another activity to do is a sunset tour. A sunset tour offers an unforgettable experience. The tour will take you around some of the islands in the bay. It will also provide you with a panoramic view of Phang Nga Bay.

One of the most popular islands is James Bond Island, a place that has featured in many movies. Most organized tours will include a stop at this island.

Another popular island is Panyee Island. This island is home to over 365 families who live on stilts over the water. The island is also home to a school and a mosque. There is also a floating soccer field.

Aside from these popular islands, there are many other islands to explore in Phang Nga Bay. You can also find many hidden caves in these islands. Some caves are open during low tide, while others require canoe guys to lay flat.

The best time to visit Phang Nga Bay is during the “cool” season, which starts in December and January. During the cool season, the seas are calmer. This is the time of the year when the oceans are less crowded and visitors can enjoy a quieter vacation.

If you are looking for more adventurous activities, you can take a boat tour of Phang Nga Bay. The boat tour will take you around the islands and offer you opportunities to snorkel. 

You can also explore the mangrove forests on the islands. The tour will also include stops at idyllic beaches. You can also go shopping in Phang Nga Bay. There are many eateries and shops to choose from.

Doi Inthanon

Doi Inthanon is one of the top places to visit in Thailand. 

This park is famous for its breathtaking views, amazing waterfalls, and spectacular forest. You’ll find yourself surrounded by lush greenery, beautiful waterfalls, and tribal villages. This park is a great spot for family fun.

Doi Inthanon is one of the highest peaks in Thailand. The park is situated in the Thanon Thong Chai Range in Chom Thong district of Chiang Mai. 

You’ll find yourself in the middle of a spectacular forest with mixed deciduous teak trees, sphagnum bogs, and moist evergreen cloud forests. 

There are over 365 species of birds in the park. Among these are the White-capped Water Redstart, River Chat, Plumbeous Water Redstart, and Slaty-backed Forktail.

Doi Inthanon is a popular destination for day tours. Depending on which tour you choose, you’ll visit one of two nature trails. These trails offer amazing views, and are well-maintained.

The most popular waterfall in Doi Inthanon is Vachiratharn Waterfall. The trail to the top is very easy to hike, and the views are breathtaking. You’ll find coffee shops and restaurants nearby. During the summer months, there’s a small parking lot.

You can also take a walk to the Sriphum Waterfall. This is one of the easiest waterfalls in Doi Inthanon to reach, and it’s the closest to the park headquarters. 

You can spend as little or as much time as you want exploring the waterfall. It’s also a good option for a short hike, as the trail is a loop and can be completed in two hours.

The summit of Doi Inthanon is the highest point in Thailand, and offers some of the best views in the country. You’ll also find a flower-draped viewpoint. You’ll also have the chance to see the Black-tailed Crake, a rare bird that’s only found in a few places in the world.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and raw experience, camping is a good option. There are several options around the park, including the Somwang Boutique Hotel, which offers luxury services.

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for sure one of the places to visit in Thailand.

This park has a wide variety of wildlife, including tigers, bears, elephants, monkeys and more. It’s also home to several waterfalls and breathtaking views.

The park stretches over 2,168 square kilometers, and is located in the provinces of Nakhon Nayok, Prachinburi, and Saraburi. It’s about three hours from Bangkok.

Khao Yai National Park is a great place for hiking and camping. There are several trails to explore, including ones that lead to waterfalls, viewpoints, and caves. It’s also possible to stay in one of the park’s dormitories or guesthouses.

Khao Yai National Park is home to a wide variety of wildlife species. Keep your eyes open for birds, such as Golden-headed Langurs, Pheasant-tailed Jacanas and Great Hornbills. 

You’ll also have the chance to spot mammals, such as Asian Elephants, Tiger Leopards and Malayan Sun Bears.

For those who are interested in history, Khao Yai National Park is home to several ancient structures. The most interesting of these is the Dvaravati-style temple, which was built in the 10th century and has a beautiful stucco frieze.


It is evident that by 2023, Thailand will have a significant increase in tourism. This can be seen from the influx of tourists in Bangkok and the rise of online searches for “Things to do in Thailand.” 

The Thai government has made it their mission to improve infrastructure and make travel more convenient for tourists, which is likely why there has been such an increase in recent years.