Top 5 Companies That Invest in Employee Training

“In essence, learning and development is at the core of what high impact performing organizations do.” –Todd Tauber


Did you know that Cheesecake Factory invests as much as $2000 on training of every single one of their employees annually? What do they get in return? Profitability of sales that come as high as $1000 per every square foot of their restaurants! That’s twice the average rate of the dining industry.

ADP invests in coaching of their sales team. Money and resources are aimed at amplification of virtual team management as well as time management. The policy results in a stable, scalable 7% increase in sales volumes.

Salesforce provides tips on employee engagement.

As we can see, employee training works and produces an insanely high ROI (Return On Investments). I mean, sure, you can still learn new things on your own. You can follow link I just provided and learn foreign languages or you can jump on any online course site to master a necessary skill.

But let’s face it: these activities, while really essential and capable of driving greater success, require your time, investments and involvement. It’s just better to master your skills as a part of your usual daily routine while the company is paying the bills.

That noted, what are the best five companies who realize that well-trained employees worth much more than the cash the company spends on educational activities?



#1 – Seattle Genetics

This biotech company is from Bothell; Washington is home to 800 employees who share a common goal – an unrelenting desire to find a cure for cancer. The company is on a constant lookout for candidates who bring passion to their work but management does not bother too much with looking for them outside facility walls.

Most efforts are dedicated towards nurturing of these qualities in-house through offered programs from onsite training courses to constant attendances at work-related conferences and seminars.


#2 – Coldwell Banker

This company is from Madison, New Jersey prefers to work with leaders and leaders alone. Their Coldwell Banker Leadership Series is a program developed for that precise purpose. We are talking about a unique, one-of-a-kind platform for information sharing the world has not seen yet.

Employees themselves are empowered to share skill and knowledge through the network, thus making the troubleshooting a walk in the park, thanks to constant access to a colossal knowledge base made of actual people.


#3 – McDonalds USA, LLC

Where would McDonalds be today without the addition sale of souse for your fries as well as any other goods you never felt like eating, but couldn’t refuse the cashier’s push? Surely all the people working in this international network had to be trained in the art of pitching, sales as well as basic human psychology and behavior studies.

That noted, the staff of McDonalds is trained by Gary Klein called The Power of Intuition. Thanks to these skills the staff is capable of identifying and mitigating risks instead of dealing with consequences. All in all, McDonalds is a great school of life as well as an insanely effective first job for those willing to learn about discipline and teamwork.


#4 – Jiffy Lube International, Inc.

If you want to work here, you have to be up and ready for it. Your desires as well as your determination have to be backed with an appropriate certification! That’s right, Jiffy certifies all of its employees before they can proceed to work. In 2012 148.000 certifications were earned by Jiffy’s workers. Since then, the number of their certification programs has grown tenfold: new categories of interest, doubled training hours and “sky is the limit” motto seem to serve this company well.


#5 – Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

This company is rather famous thanks to their proven BOLD program. BOLD stands for Business Objective, Life by Design, and focuses on pretty much whatever it has in its name from lead nurturing to the depth of communication psychology techniques. Realtors from all over the world are attracted to BOLD as those who have finished the 7-day course experience an average of 114% increase in their sales.