Tips and Tricks for using YouTube

YouTube has become the ultimate resource for various kinds of videos online, where you can easily access videos and watch them whenever you want.

Either you are aiming to watch videos solely or create videos of your own, YouTube is indeed a desirable and great place for entertainment as well as making a profit. 

With features like subscription, video history, watch later, favorites, and so forth, it’s much more accessible for people with less experience on technical stuff.

However, some features may be less known to everyone, and here are some tips and tricks for using YouTube, and you will further improve your YouTube experience with the following techniques. 

When you are watching any videos on YouTube, there are several hotkeys for you to much easily execute the functions you want instead of reaching the mouse and pointing to the exact place or icon.

Video playback related hotkeys

● Press “SPACE” key to toggle play/pause. Simple and straightforward.
● Hard to adjust the volume bar using your mouse? Don’t worry, you can raise or lower the volume by exactly 5% by using “Up Arrow” and “Down Arrow” keys respectively.
● Missing or skipping something? Roll backward or forward by 5 seconds by using “Left Arrow” and “Right Arrow” keys respectively.
● Feel that 5 seconds doesn’t make any difference, how about 10 seconds? Roll backward or forward by 10 seconds by simply using “J” and “L” keys respectively.
● Want to find any details hidden in the video? When the video is paused, you can use “.(period)” key to seek 1 frame forward.
● Need to access the specific part of the video quickly? This feature just simplifies the video into 10 sections, use number key “0”, “1”, “2”, all the way to “9” to directly jump to the specific point in the video with percentage. “1” equals 10% of the video length, “9” equals 90% of the video length, and so forth.
● Similar to above, if you want to directly restart the video or just end the video, use “HOME” key and “END” key respectively.
● This feature may be suitable for people who like to alter the speed of the video. Use “SHIFT” + “,(comma)” keys to decrease playback speed and “SHIFT” + “.(period)” keys to increase playback speed.
● If you have already built up your favorite playlist, then you can quickly choose either the previous or next video you want to watch. Just use “SHIFT” + “P” keys for the previous video and “SHIFT” + “N” keys for the next video. This function will not work if you don’t have a playlist available.

Video subtitles or closed captions

● You can quickly toggle subtitles or closed captions ON/OFF by using “C” key.
● Using “+” key or “-” key to increase or decrease the size of subtitles and closed captions when they are available.
● Difficult to distinguish subtitles or closed captions on some specifically poor contrast videos? You can access the opacity of text and text window by using “O” key and “W” key respectively.

Virtual Reality (VR) videos or videos shot in 360 degrees

● Use “W” key and “S” key to pan up and pan down the view respectively.
● Use “A” key and “D” key to pan left and pan right the view respectively.
● Use “]” key and “[” key to zoom in and zoom out the view respectively.

By using these hotkeys, you elevate your experience of video watching. Sometimes, there are videos with superb quality and videos pretty suitable for keeping to rewatch it again like some technique-teaching or cooking videos.

Besides the usual subscription of the video channel to make you feel much easier to find that specific video later again, you can also download it to your computer with ease.

One of the easiest and simplest tools to download YouTube videos is WinX YouTube Downloader. It can be used to download videos not only from YouTube but also from numerous other websites or even social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and it’s capable of downloading videos up to 8K (7680×4320) resolution, and with batch download feature, you are sure to download these ultimate quality videos in no time. 

With these above mentioned helpful hotkeys and WinX YouTube Downloader altogether, you can find those desirable videos much easier and choose your preferred video without spending a lot of time to keep it for later use.  

Also if you want to gain good amount of profit from your YouTube efforts, Earthweb mentions buying subscribers can help to achieve it. 

Just try it now for yourself.