This Looks Like An Ordinary House… Until You Saw What’s Inside!

Everyone wants to find the best deal on their dream home. We want a nice place we can call our own that has everything we want at a price we can afford. Too good to be true? Well, Tiny House Movement wants to help us realize that dream we long have. They build small, sustainable homes that offer necessary amenities of a regular home at a fraction of the cost.

Here are some photos of homes they have built, and believe me, they’re pretty amazing. These homes in Houston just show us that not everything is bigger in Texas. And sometimes smaller is a lot better!

These beautiful homes are available in 20 different colors.


Some can be as high as 19 feet tall!


They come in widths ranging from 14-24 feet. The cost is $200-320 per linear foot.


That price includes insulation, roofing, flooring and more!



Foundation costs are only an extra… get this… $3,000!


Construction costs of the cabin are included in the price.


Homes are built to last and all come with a 40-year warranty.



To learn more check out Arched Cabins!