Time-saving Tools And Accessories For Industry Work

While there’s no substitute for good old-fashioned hard work, there’s no denying that the array of tools and accessories on the market today can significantly improve site working conditions, increase efficiency and amp up the output of each precious working day. Whether you require mechanical or digital assistance for large-scale works or smaller projects, there are surely plenty of tools out there to suit your purpose, whatever the job. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular tech and tools currently making life easier for labouring crews, landscapers and industry workers:  


No longer confined to the realms of science fiction, drones are now one of the most visible and accessible indicators of the rise of artificial intelligence in our everyday lives. While you may have seen drones posting parcels, delivering takeaways or even filming overhead shots for movies, drones are also useful for construction industry workers. The many uses of drones on-site include transporting goods, site surveying, construction mapping, progress monitoring and security and maintenance. These unique and versatile accessories can come in handy in all manner of ways on-site and are certainly a useful tool to consider investing in for future projects.

Infrared Thermal Imagers

Usually used to reliably identify moisture or mould in the walls of properties, infrared thermal imagers are a key gadget for any worker who regularly finds themselves insulating spaces or building solid seals. These futuristic thermal imagers are now more accessible to tradespeople than ever before, so you don’t have to break the bank to get one in your toolbox.  

Toolchest on Wheels 

As you can probably tell from this list, the number of tools and devices that many industry workers carry around is growing. Increasingly, the traditional toolbox is falling short when compared to more high-tech options such as heavy-duty mobile containers like the tool chest on wheels. If you’re going to invest in often expensive tools and equipment, you may as well keep them safe and ensure that they’re easy to transport when you’re travelling on foot. 

Motorised Wheelbarrow

With the average motorised wheelbarrow being capable of supporting up to 5 or 6 times the weight of a mechanical wheelbarrow (without the necessity for strenuous manual effort), it’s no wonder that these speedy and efficient timesaving tools are amongst the most popular on sites today. 

Jobsite heater

It’s the responsibility of employers to manage workplace temperatures to ensure that working conditions are safe and comfortable for their employees, whether indoors or outdoors. This is key for productivity, morale and wellbeing, especially when the weather is punishing.  If your crew is working outside, make sure that the site is at a reasonable temperature using a suitable jobsite heater.