The world Blockchain Expo is all set to dazzle in Dubai in October

As part of the Blockchain Expo conference series, which is well-known worldwide, there will be a virtual event for the whole world. Also, in 2021, there will be three live events in London, Silicon Valley, and Amsterdam. 

The biggest cryptocurrency event, the World Blockchain Expo, will take place in Dubai on October 15, 2022. At the event, more than 950 exhibitors will show off their cutting-edge technologies, and more than 1500 speakers will talk about their insider industry knowledge and real-world experiences. At the world series, more than 950 exhibitors will show off the most cutting-edge technologies. 

The same thing will happen again, but it will happen in Dubai instead of somewhere else this time. People who own blockchain businesses or are thinking about moving their businesses to the blockchain will be able to get funding and get advice from experts in the field at the World Blockchain Expo. These changes will be shown at the World Blockchain Expo.

People who know a lot about technology and like the idea of blockchain will go to the World Blockchain Expo Dubai 2022. (WBE). More than thirty times, people who could pay for this event have said they want to help.

Some of the most famous people in their fields have spoken at WBE events. Mario Nawfal is a speaker in the Metaverse and the person who started NFT tech. The person in charge of business development for Huobi Global is Michela Silvestri. Nikita Sachdev started Luna PR and is its CEO. Yaroslav Shakula runs Yard Hub and is also its CEO. WBE has been able to get sponsors and investors, and the media has noticed it.

The organizers say they are talking to many other speakers right now. This means that the list of people who will speak is getting longer. With all of these things in place, anyone in financial technology or who wants to work in the web3 industry should plan to go to the World Blockchain Expo.

People who attend this event can also expect to participate in roundtable discussions and networking events where they can meet and talk to essential industry executives and investors. There will also be meetings about business. bitcoin loophole live app is a great place to start if you’re just getting started with cryptocurrency trading and investing.

Here are some reasons why you should plan to attend the Blockchain Expo in 2021

You can attend a free virtual concert in March that will change the world

Tech is always trying to improve its services and grow so that you can go to the most cutting-edge business events. In response to the chaos in 2020, we decided to set up a successful series of virtual events where you can study and network.

You don’t have to pay to look at new tech on the show floor

Anyone can visit the free exhibition hall to see how the latest ideas and technologies work. About 950 companies, such as IBM, PwC, Hyperledger, Dell, and TCS, will show off their most recent technological innovations at the corporate technology ecosystem event.

An updated networking program with a tool that uses AI to put people together

The brand-new Matchmaking Tool is the official way to meet people at the whole co-located event. A computer with artificial intelligence runs it (AI). Users can plan their two days by looking at the layout, schedule, and lists of speakers and exhibitors. You can also talk to others at the conference, like presenters, sponsors, and exhibitors, and set up meetings with them.

The best speakers at what they do!

The Blockchain Expo is proud that only the best speakers give talks at the events. Top companies worldwide will talk about how the Blockchain ecosystem and the industries that use it have changed recently. They will also talk about case studies and take part in panel discussions.