The Secrets to Thriving Online Business: How Social Media Can Be Your Next Growth Tool

Estimates indicate that the average person is consuming some sort of online content for 95% of their day, which includes advertising and marketing that appears on our social media feeds. So, if you’re working on building a marketing campaign, there’s no better place than Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other social media streams to reach your target audience. 

1. Use at least 2 social media platforms

You can certainly use all of them, but at the least, you’ll want to utilize at least two of the social media platforms available. That’s because you can reach a wider range of potential consumers. This will require you to get familiar with how each works. For example, X (Twitter) operates with proper usage of hashtags, while also guiding readers to your website. 

Most experts suggest using at least two, but no more than five platforms. The more you use, the more work you’ll have to put in. The top three choices are X (Twitter), Instagram and Facebook. If you want to add more, consider LinkedIn, Google+ or Snapchat. You can even buy social media accounts that already have a consistent following, if that helps you get started you can learn more here.  

2. Format your post for the platform

You can’t just copy and paste the same post to all of your social media platforms. Why? Because each platform is different. For example, you can use more words on Facebook than you can on X (Twitter).

While the general content you share can be the same, the way it’s presented should be formatted for the platform you’re posting it on. That means connecting your content to a video on Facebook or using high quality photos on Instagram. 

3. Stay Consistent

A consistent posting schedule is vital. That’s because it allows your followers to know when to expect new content, whether that’s daily, weekly or even hourly. Engagement happens when you are consistent, so create a posting schedule you can stick with. Some business owners have a social media expert to post for them. Be sure that person is aware of your posting schedule so that it stays on track. 

4. Choose platforms that work for you

As you post on social media, you’ll start to see which platforms work best for you. These are the ones you should place your focus on. Divert your attention to the platforms that see the most engagement and you will likely be more successful at creating a thriving online business. 

Social Media Can Be Your Next Growth Tool

Keep in mind that some platforms, such as X (Twitter), make it easier to build a following than others, such as Facebook. That doesn’t mean Facebook won’t work for you, but it may take longer. 

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5. Share content that is relative 

While many social media users feel that a huge number of likes is the main goal, if you want to run a thriving business, your goal should be converting viewers to customers. Your content should be relative to your brand and appeal to your target audience. 

It’s a waste of time to focus on content that gets a lot of likes and views if they aren’t translating to sales. Instead, reflect your business and your brand with every post. What you post is up to you, but it’s highly recommended it means something to your brand for it to be an effective marketing tool. 

6. Important content

Don’t be afraid to post about hard topics, interspersed with the ones that get more interaction. This solidifies your presence as being reputable and lets your target audience know that you have a foot in the industry. By the way, to check the quality of the audience of your social media profile, see the website.

7. Popularity and business can go together

Obviously, you want to be well known on social media, but only if it’s good for business. It’s important to keep a good balance between the two if you want your chosen platforms to translate into money. Keep it fun, but make sure it’s professional too. 

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8. Boost your marketing plan

You can most certainly use social media as part of your marketing campaign. Posting is free, but you can also run paid ads on any of the platforms. Combined with other forms of marketing, you can definitely see a big payoff if you do it correctly. Even if you haven’t launched yet, getting your social media presence ready has a big impact on sales, as well as attracting your target audience.