The Question Is: “Are Motivational Quotes Helpful or Not?

Eduard Ezeanu writes in his post “What is the role of motivational words? Is it to make you more aware of the benefits certain actions offer or to get you excited and motivated in that certain way?”

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However, there are a lot of stupid people quotes. So, it should be reiterated that motivational words when consistently used can even sustain beyond starting but also to acting and maintaining such positive action.

Eventually, you will need to constantly remind yourself of the benefits certain actions have and also get yourself motivated and excited to take actions.

It has been clearly proven that a person’s life can change with motivational words to set the ball rolling in what they want to do and they can be very much effective if imbibed religiously. Good words or sayings can definitely stimulate us to do more or to do better and improve our life – but let’s do an analysis of a few quotes :

Science writer Ed Yong warns, “positive mantras like ‘I am a strong, powerful person ‘and nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams ” have been made popular as far back as Norman Vincent Peale’s infamous book – the power of positive thinking.

But a new study suggests that apart from its popularity, this particular brand of self-help is actually of great help especially to people with low self-esteem by making them believe every letter of those words and gain confidence in themselves.

From the post -deal with your negative thinking but be careful with affirmations. Good idea and awareness thou.

You can also use quotes from others – or make up your own and incorporate them in a quote generator to create pics for personal motivation. It is important to pick relevant quotes and sayings particularly those ones that relate well to the current personal situations.

Another very interesting motivational video for example is-

I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice and then going away and doing the exact opposite.”  G. K. Chesterton.

Is he suggesting that we should always do the opposite of best advice?  Definitely not.

There are many inspirational quotes that help stimulate our deeper thinking and enhance motivation when used maximally.

In addition to the quotes already mentioned, here is another one from a major writer.

We are always cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out .” -Ray Bradbury

Conclusively, It is believed that each individual possesses great potential within even though sometimes they are untapped due to low self-esteem, destructive criticism, lack of confidence, ignorance and a few other reasons but these potentials can be easily activated and turned into actions by motivational words or quotes which are from wise and experienced sources or individuals.

Therefore, motivational sayings and products can effectively inspire us to grow, to feel inspired and to positively change our thinking and actions at large by making us better individuals and consequently a better society.