“The Power of Entertainment Tourism: Examining its Influence on the Travel Industry in 2023”

Casinos have a big influence on the travel and tourism industry. Cities with brick-and-mortar casinos tend to receive several foreign visitors because of the casinos. These visitors often visit the local cuisines when they leave the casino, thereby facilitating the country’s tourism. It also leads to an improved economy for the country.

Several countries have invested more in the casino industry by building casinos in various regions to get more tourists. A good tourism environment will bring about recognition, money and investors for the country, boosting the economy. The gambling industry is broad and one of the most popular when discussing tourism.

Relationship Between Casino and Tourism

Looking at the biggest casinos in the world, we can observe their effects and how well the casinos boost tourism in some countries. Some of these countries are Australia, USA, and Macau. An example of the impact of casinos on tourism is that in 2016, Las Vegas in Nevada generated over 40 million tourists.

Although the numbers generated by Las Vegas, Nevada, are not surprising as it is the to-go place for several casino players. Players looking to have fun and make huge casino money often visit Las Vegas, Nevada. The casino has various side attractions and great ambience, such as a beautiful nightlight, attracting tourists. It gives the players a superb gambling experience.


Another example of a casino that brings millions of tourists into the country is Macau. Macau is one of the biggest gambling hubs worldwide, in a region within Chinese territory. It is a big gambling hub that overtook Las Vegas in its 2010 gambling receipts. Macau provided their top and high-spending clients with some unique (VIP) services.

Some of the VIP privileges in Macau are exquisite amenities, private gambling rooms, and golden member privileges. These juicy privileges enabled Macau to bring high-spending tourists into the country in 2013. In that year, the high rollers contributed to at least 66% of the casinos’ overall profit.

However, in 2014, Xi Jinping’s government cut short the sudden profit increase. Various countries worldwide realise how well gambling tourism impacts the economy. The gambling industry in the US estimated a gross gaming revenue of $44 billion.

Gambling Travel and Tourism

Gambling tourism is travelling to different destinations where gambling is legalised for gambling activities. These gambling locations often have resorts where the customers can be accommodated and entertained. A casino with an exquisite resort is a source of attraction to visitors.

Several countries benefited from the effect of the legalisation of gambling by the US Supreme court. Some casinos generated revenues for the casino hotel resorts and their countries of operation. Individuals who love to travel and gamble can now enjoy their vacations while doing what they love.

Gambling tourism involves travelling to several countries to enjoy the holidays and casinos. Although winning huge jackpots is at the centre of these travels, there are other exciting aspects of these trips. The biggest and best casinos in the world have suitable activities, such as spas and restaurants, for their players and non-players.

Social Interaction

Gambling in different countries will enable a player to meet other players from other parts of the world. Some professional players travel to other parts of the world to play with peers hoping to win. These experiences often result in several tournaments, which will attract a large number of gamblers from all over.

These professional players often go from an online casino to a land casino establishment to gain more knowledge of the games. The players will then return to playing online casino games with more skills. An example of online casino games is:

  • Keno
  • Craps
  • Sic bo
  • Poker


Tourist Attraction

Gambling is one of the popular ways that tourists visit some countries. Several types of research show that tourists often invest their finances in playing at various gambling establishments.

There are usually highly developed gambling facilities in countries with tourists visiting. These countries create these gambling facilities to attract more players worldwide. The constructed facilities often boost the economy and help to provide more employment opportunities.


Gambling is a fun activity that lets players earn real money while playing casino games. Casinos offer the players an opportunity to win massive money while involving themselves in some of their favourite activities. These casinos often have spas and restaurants which the players can use as relaxation spots.

Some tourists actively search for games and entertainment to capture their spirits in the new location. Casinos offer a wide range of entertainment; hence it is a good attraction site in a country. Since various types of games are offered by various gambling facilities, tourists often find their preferences.

Professional players visit casinos in different parts of the world to make money and showcase some skills. Recently, there have been several tour companies that now have casino tours as a part of their tour package. This is because it offers their players a wholesome experience when visiting the designated location.

Gambling Restrictions

Governments in some countries have restrictions placed on gambling. The restrictions often cause gamblers to travel or visit other locations without gambling restrictions to carry out any gambling activity. Due to this restriction, Las Vegas, Nevada generated $4.8 billion for the city because there were 5.7 million international travellers.

Impact on Other Industries

A major advantage of casinos to tourism is that it brings people together from various countries. If there are many people around casinos, other industries can benefit from the influx of people. One of these industries is the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry is an industry that benefits largely from a casino because there are often resorts, hotels and restaurants around the casinos.

Also, the tourist attractions within the area will also benefit from the influx of people there. The local restaurants will also receive foreign visitors from the casinos. These foreigners will get to try out the various local cuisines within the area, thereby contributing to tourism in the country.

Casinos also encourage diversity in their designated location, thereby encouraging tourism. The Chinese government diversified Macau to differentiate it from other gambling hubs worldwide. Also, Resortsworld is located in Sentosa, near some other tourist attractions. Hence, several gamblers visit the tourist spots within the area.

With intense marketing and strategic locations, the casino will impact tourism and other industries in the country.

Games Variety

Most casinos and other gambling establishments invest heavily in the number of games offered. These gambling establishments often have the quickest withdrawal casinos UK for the players. The fast withdrawal method shows that the casinos have the interest of the tourists.

Some of the various categories of casino games offered by these gambling establishments are:

Games TypeExamples
Table gamesBlackjack and roulette
Slot gamesUgga Bugga and Mega Joker
Live dealer gamesLive Baccarat and Live Roulette

Other games like poker and bingo are often available to tourists visiting this casino. The tourists can test their poker, blackjack, and slot machine skills. Tourists can combine various symbols to test their luck with slot machines.

Quality Past-Time

When running a business, it is vital to have some quality past-time to ease stress. Most individuals like to unwind after a tiresome day of work. Gambling establishments are often a go-to for easing stress. These establishments also help to reduce fatigue and stress as the individuals lighten their moods from playing their favourite games.

Top Countries to Visit for Casino Tourism. China and New Zealand

Although mainland China does not support gambling activities, the country has an administrative region known as “Macau” for casino tourism. Macau is a famous location in China for casino tourism. An example of the casinos in Macau are:

  • Wynn Palace
  • The Venetian Macao
  • MGM Cotai

The casinos in New Zealand are the best with fair policies. It is the perfect destination for an individual looking to unwind from stress during vacation. You can choose between some of the famous casino cities in the country, such as Hamilton, Auckland, and Dunedin if you love playing pokies.

Most New Zealand casinos have some packages such as a “Learn to Play” for beginners. If you are new to a game and want to learn, you can visit any of the casinos in New Zealand.


There is a relationship between tourism and casinos. The casino industry has had a positive effect on the tourism industry of several countries. It helps to facilitate the recognition of a country, thereby improving the economy. Casinos act as a tourist attraction that brings people together from various parts of the world, thereby increasing the revenues of the visited areas.