The Harmful Effects and Effective Solutions of a Blocked Drain

A drain (usually a pipe) is supposed to remove liquids from your house. When it gets blocked, it becomes a real problem. A blocked drain comes with a slew of unpleasant impacts on the structural integrity of your home. Some of the causes of blocked drains include debris, small objects, foreign objects, toiletries, food, grease, etc. – which slowly gather up inside the pipes. The build-up of these elements inside the drain can make water very murky and eventually restrict the flow of water.

Having a blocked drain is not an enviable experience at all. From the rotten smell to the dangers it poses to the structure of your home, you will realize that blocked drains should never be overlooked. In this short piece, you will learn its detrimental effects and what solutions are most effective to counter them. 

Some Harmful Effects

Structural Destruction Of The House

In extreme cases, an affected house can suffer structural damage as the zero water flow from the blocked drains seeps into the foundation and gradually weakens it. This can affect the entire strength and structure of the house. In some cases, the entire house can be flooded, and wall paintings, floors, and valuable property can be damaged. The majority of the time, you’d need a plumbing company once it gets to this stage.


When the drain gets blocked, the liquid wastes inside them build up so much that they cause pressure on affected pipes. Sometimes, these pipes eventually burst and start to leak. This leakage can spread to the surface of your walls and floors, creating water stains and a foul smell. Excessive leakage can cause flooding. In addition, as earlier stated, leaking water can double as a breeding place for mosquitoes, houseflies, bacteria, and molds. 

Foul Smell

This goes without saying. Stagnant murky water and sewage release rancid smells. This smell can be so bad that it can spread beyond your home to affect neighbors and passers-by. It can also cause headaches and nausea in people as well.

Health Hazards

A blocked drain has no health benefit. Instead, it leads to the infestation of bacteria that can cause you, your pets, and your family allergies and diseases. This is because waste materials accumulate within pipes. The obstruction in pipes causes the dirty water and waste to either stagnate or flow back. When this happens, harmful microorganisms like bacteria grow inside affected pipes and freely cause allergies and diseases to occupants. The harmful microorganisms have led to sneezing, skin and eye irritation and inflammation, asthma, and other airborne abnormalities. 

Infestation Of Pests And Molds

Stagnant water is the perfect place for pests to flourish. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Houseflies are heavily attracted to the mess trapped sewage causes. And these pests carry germs and various other diseases with them. Similarly, damp floorings and walls encourage mildew and mold growth in a house.

How To Clear A Blocked Drain

How you unclog a blocked drain depends on what led to the blockage in the first place. You can choose from a variety of home remedies. However, you may find that you need to try them before calling on a person with professional expertise in clearing blocked drains.

Hot Water

Hot-boiled water is handy for decluttering blocked drains occasioned by accumulated grease, conditioner, and some other kinds of toiletries. These materials have a low melting point, and just enough heat can help melt them and ease the flow. Just boil a kettle with water and empty it down the drain to push through and melt the blockage.

Natural Cleaners

Another home remedy is using natural cleaners, which create a bubbling effect that breaks accumulated waste apart. Hot water is still useful here. Empty a kettle of hot-boiled water down the drain, then accompany it with a cup of bicarbonate soda and a cup of vinegar. Leave for ten minutes, then follow it with more hot water. 


As a simple yet powerful instrument, plungers are incredibly helpful in dislodging stagnant waste inside drains. Plungers function by forming a closure around the plughole, followed by a vacuum effect that takes out the blockage.

Cleaning Out The Pipe

This is a somewhat unconventional way to unclog a blocked drain. So if you do not feel comfortable with it, do not try this out. However, it is an honestly easy procedure. Just put an empty bucket underneath the U-shaped pipe beneath your sink. The bucket is supposed to take any waste or leaks that occur during the process. Then use a wrench to loosen the slip nuts at both ends of the pipe and take out the pipe. Empty any contents inside the pipe into the bucket. You may use a brush to pick out any stubborn waste. Then rinse the pipes with water and detergent. And install it together. This is very potent as it can unblock your drain.

If, after exhausting these remedies, the drain remains clogged, please enlist the service of a professional. If you also believe yourself not to be a handy person, you should call a professional rather than waste your time and energy.