The Different Kinds of Homes You Can Get in Mount Pleasant, New York

If you visit Westchester County, you will find Mount Pleasant. It’s just as nice as the name makes it sound. This picturesque area has many tall trees, jogging trails, public parks, and other features that make it stand out for all the right reasons.

You can check out Mount Pleasant’s most desirable homes for sale, but before you do, you should think about what living situation will work best for you. We’ll talk about some options right now.

A Stand-Alone Home

Mount Pleasant has many stand-alone homes. Some of them have a lot of floor space. They have finished basements, several bedrooms, and multiple full bathrooms.

You can find some with attached garages. Others have dedicated laundry rooms, large kitchens, and huge family rooms where you can spend time watching TV or entertaining guests.

These homes usually cost more than a condo or an apartment. You can get relatively small stand-alone homes in Mount Pleasant, but you can also find some huge ones. The larger the house, the more it costs, as you might expect.

When you buy a stand-alone home, you might like some things about it, and others you may not enjoy so much. If you buy your own home, you can decorate it however you want. You can bring in an interior designer for help, or you can handle all the choices yourself. You might find art you like and display it anywhere you feel it should go.

However, if you buy your own home, you will likely have a mortgage on it. You must feel confident that you can keep making your payments every month.

Even if you buy the home outright, you will still pay property taxes and school taxes every year. New York does have some of the highest property taxes and school taxes in the nation. You should expect that and set money aside.

You will at least build equity when you purchase your own home, and that probably appeals. You won’t get that with some other living options in Mount Pleasant.

A Condo

You might also purchase a condo in the Mount Pleasant area. A condo, or condominium, has a setup like an apartment complex. You have units within a building, and each one has a different owner.

However, you buy a condo rather than rent one, like you would with an apartment. As the owner, you have some say about what goes on in the building. There’s a condo board, and they make all decisions via a democratic voting process.

Each person in the building owns a separate condo, and you can all enjoy common areas, like a courtyard. If you live in a condo, you can still live independently, but you won’t have a lawn you must take care of, as you’d have with your own house. That’s one major reason you might live in a condo in Mount Pleasant rather than your own stand-alone house.

Some condos also don’t have stairs, and if you’re an older adult, that might appeal. You probably don’t want any stairs that you must climb up and down as you get older.

An Apartment

You might also rent an apartment in Mount Pleasant. With this option, you’re not building any equity like you would if you had your own house.

However, you can also move out a lot quicker if you don’t plan on staying for multiple years. Getting a one-year or two-year lease gives you much more flexibility if you don’t like staying in one place for too long.

If you rent an apartment, you don’t have a lawn to mow in the summer, and you don’t have a driveway to shovel in the winter. That might sound good to you. You won’t ever have to worry about replacing the roof if it leaks. You won’t have to deal with any foundational issues that come up.

You can also call the super if there’s ever any work in the apartment that needs doing. If a toilet gives you problems, for instance, you can contact the super, and they can handle it. You can contact them if

you ever have a rodent infestation as well.

You should think about which living situation makes the most sense for you if you’re targeting Mount Pleasant this year. Renting and owning both have their perks and their drawbacks as well. Hopefully, you will make the choice that gives you the most pleasant living situation.