Lamp Creates Awesome Thunderstorm in Your Living Room

This is a lamp I’m willing to smash my piggy bank for. Simply called “The Cloud” by its creators over at the Richard Clarkson Studio, this interactive lamp is perfect for lighting up your living room.

It’s also perfect for your bedroom where you can add some soothing effect of rain and thunderstorms, making your nightly visit to dreamland longer and way more relaxing.

The downside is, if you like to sleep while its raining, this lamp will make it much harder for you to wake up, get up, and pretty much do anything.

But I’m willing to look past that. One awesome cloud lamp please.

Not only does this lamp look like a thunderstorm, it sounds like one, too!


Photo: Richard Clarkson Studio

Inside is a high-quality speaker system, microphones, and full motion sensors. With a wireless remote, you can bring the sound of roaring thunder inside you bedroom! How cool is that?

cloud lamp - inside mechanism

Richard Clarkson Studio


The cloud lamp’s motion sensor can sense your presence to create your personal lighting storm. Talk about interactive feature!


Richard Clarkson Studio

You can fill an entire room with them and feel like you’re in a massive storm.

cloud lamp 2

Richard Clarkson Studio

With features as exciting as those mentioned, it should be no surprise that the cloud lamp comes with a hefty price tag of $3,360. Pricey, but I still want one!


Richard Clarkson Studio


If thunderstorms scare you, well how about a rainbow!


cloud lamp 3

Richard Clarkson Studio


Richard Clarkson Studio

You can also get a non-interactive cloud lamp for $960.

cloud lamp 4

Richard Clarkson Studio

See the cloud lamp in action!