The Best Tablecloth To Choose For Your Farmhouse Extendable Dining Table

Dining tablecloths enhance the aesthetics of a farmhouse extendable dining table and offer protection. With the change of seasons, special occasions, or mood, a tablecloth can help you alter the look and feel of your extendable dining table.

Read on to find out how to choose the right tablecloth for your extendable dining table.

Tablecloths For Extendable Dining Tables

Extendable dining tablecloths come in various styles, materials, and sizes. You need to consider your extendable dining table’s size before going dining tablecloth shopping. 

Tablecloths come in various sizes, from coverings for two people to those for ten people. A translucent plastic tablecloth can shield your dining table from spills and stains, while a fabric tablecloth will give your home a lived-in, relaxed feel.

Things To Consider Before Buying Tablecloth For Your Extendable Dining Table

Size and Shape

The size of a tablecloth can convey the formality of the event. Size is important, so pick a tablecloth with at least a 15 cm drop (anything between that and the floor is fine and completely up to your preference). 

A 6-8″ drop is suitable for informal occasions; a 10-15″ drop is more appropriate for formal events. Additionally, there’s no need to feel compelled to only purchase in linen sections; as long as the fabric is wide enough, a simple hem may turn any favourite material into a tablecloth.

The Tone of The Room or Event

The choice of tablecloths can assist create a celebratory, romantic, or formal atmosphere for a meal.


Disposable coverings are great for casual occasions and typically only used once, whereas cloth table linens help create sophisticated settings and are built to sustain everyday use. 

Reusable tablecloths can be used in larger venues with storage space and laundry facilities, although on-the-go services and informal events may choose disposable covers.


While ivory and white are frequently used in formal settings, vibrant colours can create celebratory displays and dramatic backdrops when paired with other tabletop accents.


With so many table linen alternatives available, you may select tablecloths that satisfy all of your needs while staying within your budget.

The Best Tablecloths To Choose From

Cotton checkered tablecloth

The summer months are ideal for using this brown and white striped tablecloth. It is possible to machine wash and reuses this tablecloth. The tablecloth will quickly absorb any unintentional spills of liquid due to its high absorbency.

Transparent tablecloth with white border

This tablecloth has two functions: it can serve as a tablecloth and a cover for a fabric one. This tablecloth is perfect for hardwood and glass tabletops and is simple to wash and clean. This dining tablecloth is perfect for a table with six to eight seats.

Floral tablecloths

Your extendable dining table will look better thanks to this elegant tablecloth, which protects you from scratches and stains. The tablecloth is cotton and has a scalloped border and floral pattern.

Jute tablecloths

A jute tablecloth is ideal for the summer because it gives your dining room a rustic feel. The black tablecloth goes well with various tables, including farmhouse tables, glass dining tables, white dining tables, and dark wood dining tables.

Polyester tablecloths

Catalogs of tablecloths typically have many polyester tablecloths. The synthetic material has excellent durability and is wrinkle- and stain-resistant. These characteristics make polyester a good material to use for tablecloths. Some types of polyester are made to have a “cotton feel.” 

It is as supple and long-lasting as cotton. Like cotton, the material is affordable, machine-washable, strong, and accessible in various hues and designs.

Vinyl tablecloths

Due to its incredible weather resistance and simplicity of clean-up, vinyl tablecloths are thought to be the best choice for outdoor setups and picnics. Nothing easily damages the cloth, including stains, light, water, or heat. 

It is among the least expensive materials used for a tablecloth. It comes in various colours and patterns to complement the entire environment and theme.

Damask tablecloths

Nowadays, you can come across a damask tablecloth composed of polyester fibers as opposed to the traditional Damask tablecloth, which is made entirely of silk. You’ve probably seen flocking damask lines at high-end, sophisticated occasions. Still, it’s crucial to understand that they are simply a pattern that can be printed on any fabric.