The Best PSP Games to Play Using an Emulator

Nostalgia is that powerful thing that makes you watch old movies, visit various places from your childhood, and play old-school games, of course.

After so many years you still feel enamored with Sony PlayStation Portable, or the PSP, as it’s is better known, the legendary handheld that rocked the video game industry back in 2004?

Do you sigh nostalgically when you recall playing such titles as Lumines, Burnout Legend, Half-Minute Hero, God of Wars: Chains of Olympus, or LocoRoco?

Chances are you’ve also surrendered to nostalgia and the only way you can quench your burning thirst is to download a stable emulator, get a bunch of your favorite PSP ISOs, also known as ROMs, and embark upon the retro journey with us.

Is the PSP Still Worth It?

The Sony PlayStation system was popular among millions of fans of console video games, and for good reason.

The PSP was launched in Japan in 2004 and in the following year, in North America. The concept behind the PSP was not only ambitious because Sony wanted to bring console quality titles to a portable device, but also because they were taking on Nintendo who at this point in time reigned supreme in the portable market.

The big display, great graphics, built-in Wi-Fi, smart design, and universal media discs that substituted good old cartridges, couldn’t but contribute to PSP’s resounding success.

And even though Sony was unable to outsell the Nintendo DS, their main rival at that time, it managed to sell 80 million units.

Not bad for a portable by a company that had never made them before, don’t you think?

The popular misconception about the PSP is that it had no games. Needless to say, nothing can be farther from the truth.

The PSP boasts a whole host of amazing titles. Virtually every genre was well represented on this console.

They had JRPG, action RPG, tactics, racing fighting, and rhythm games. But why not recall the best of the best PSP games that once were taking your breath away?

What’s more, you’re going to learn where you can get the best PSP ISO for your collection of classic titles. 

The PSP Games You Might Want to Play Again

#1 Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

Richter Belmont comes from a long line of vampire hunters. His family exists for a single purpose of making sure that the monsters of hell are kept out of their land.

So, when Dracula suddenly revives, it’s up to the hunter to slay the beast once again. This game is interesting to play even if you’re not into the Castlevania series.

It has super simple controls, but deviously hard enemies that keep challenging you to improve your whipping skills with each new level.

The best part of all, though, is that this is really two games in one. If you succeed in defending the Dark Lord and save the day, you unlock the classic symphony of the night.

Doing that requires a lot of practice, so get ready to die quite a bit.

#2 Silent Hill: Origins

It’s not often that the game can absolutely terrify an avid gamer. But Silent Hill: Origins definitely achieves that.

Taking place surely before the events of the original Silent Hill, you play as Travis Grady, a trucker who ends up in this cursed town on the day they’re attempting to perform a grand satanic ritual.

When trying to save a little girl from a burning house, the character stumbles into a confusing mess of cults and nightmarish creatures in the plot that could cause the end of the world.

During all of this, Grady is also hunted by a strange human-like monster called the Butcher that’s willing to cut down anything in its path to get to the main character.

#3 God of Wars: Chains of Olympus

Kratos, the killer of gods, wasn’t always a free man. When he was first given his amazing powers, he was forced to do ten years of service to the deities of Olympus in the payment for the strength he was granted.

When Helios, the Lord of Light, goes missing, the world gets covered in darkness. And now our angry hero is assigned the difficult duty of finding him and bringing light back to the universe.

This means that you need to battle basilisks, crush Cyclops, and get yourself in some bloody bad trouble.

This game worked pretty well on the handheld, and it still can be successfully played on your PC or a mobile device.

What is a PSP ROM?

You can play God of Wars, Silent Hill, Castlevania, and lots of other PSP games if you download the corresponding ROM file from a reliable and safe retrogaming website.

One of the time-tested and reputable websites that offer tons of popular PSP ISOs and ROMs is Romspedia.

You can also check out Romshub, another popular abandonware website that rates high among retro gamers.

Once you download the ROM of your choice, you can play it using a PSP emulator.

What PSP Emulator to Choose?

Currently, you can find a PSP emulator capable of running both commercial and homebrew games on any operating system.

Mac and Windows users normally avail themselves of such tools as PCSX-Reloaded, ePSXe, and PSXeven, while Linux users prefer the PPSSPP emulator.

If you like playing PSP games on the go (actually, that’s what they were intended for), don’t hesitate to take advantage of PPSSPP-PSP, Rais Emulator, Damon PS2 Pro, or PSPlay, which were designed with Android users in mind.

For the smooth emulation experience on your iOS device, set your sights on downloading Happy Chick and PPSSPP.

RetroArch, one of the oldest powerful cross-platform tools on the emulation market, can also emulate PSP titles well on the iOS devices.

Take our pick of your favorite ROM and emulator, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of primordial fun!