The Best Apps For Bloggers To Succeed In 2021

Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. We are rarely without them. And no wonder why: being separate from a phone is like being powerless. These small pieces of metal and glass allow us to track time, communicate with people, navigate, pay, and do simply anything. 

Today, we can download thousands of helpful apps on our phones, significantly increasing our possibilities. No matter what you are doing – there are apps to make any process less complicated. Blogging included.

So, without any further ado, here are some of the best apps for a blogger!


Write, edit, and publish your next blog straight from your phone! 

WordPress is a well-optimized and useful assistant for any blogger. It gives you all the necessary tools to make a blog. Create new posts, add media content, manage the previously written articles, and monitor your blog’s success – stats, comments, likes, new followers – and excel!

You can download it for IOS and Android.


– Blogger, developed by Google, lets you control the process of blog creation from your android (not for IOS users). 

– BlogPad Pro is for IOS users only, allowing them to oversee all of their blog projects (even if you wrote them from different accounts) and write new ones with enough options for customization. 


Evernote is a mobile notebook more than anything. It is for writers and bloggers that hate losing new ideas and love the creative freedom within a notebook. And well, Evernote gives you freedom and tons of possibilities. 

– Type or handwrite your notes;

– draw as much as you wish in a paperless notebook;

– add photos or videos;

– make important recordings on the go;

– collect web articles for the references later;

– the search option to find anything you wrote before;

– and more.

It is really a must-have for any writer out there!


Feeling anxious about your spellings, those vague grammar rules, and punctuations? Even if you are a grammar guru, a tiny error might sometimes slip into your writing due to exhaustion or simple chance. To avoid any unwanted mistakes in your blogs, articles, or guest posts (Guest posts? Wait, are you looking for a place to write and become famous? Visit this page – there are many opportunities!), Grammarly is there to advise and assist.

Google Analytics

Do you have your own website? 

If not, you might want to consider it. And here – how to create a free mobile website – it is a good place to start.

If you do, Google Analytics is a valuable helper for you.

It gives you an excellent view of your site’s performance. How many visitors come to your page? How are your ads doing? What backlinks work well? (Are you not familiar with SEO basics such as backlinks? Follow this link – SEO for bloggers!). It helps you to understand your readers. What topics are they most interested in? 

Google Analytics is essential to know your successes and failures to grow with your site. 

What else?

– get to know your ranking;

– add goals and track their execution;

– dashboard with reports and visual data;

– and many other features.

If you want to stay long in the game, Google Analytics will come in handy.


Social media are another playground for bloggers. If you want to be present on numerous social media platforms and write/publish your stuff there, Buffer will help. 

It allows you to know what is going on: metrics, statistics, likes, comments, all of that. In addition, you can plan and schedule your future posts to publish them later. Quite convenient, is it not?


– HootSuite is another app that gives you control over your social media campaigns. Check it out!


Asana is a management tool to stay ahead of your tasks and deadlines. It gets you a view of your workload, scheduled tasks, and team responsibilities. Asana’s dashboard will keep you notified but not overwhelmed. It has a calendar and time-tracking device to keep up with everything. Also, you can invite your team members to work together on the projects (you can keep in touch with them in Asana).


– Trello is another management tool to use as an alternative. 


If you plan to send or receive money to/from “oversees” (you can do local transactions, as well), Payoneer is a platform for that. Working online or freelance usually means clients from all over the world. To avoid different banking systems, you can use Payoneer to keep your income flowing. 


– PayPal is another money service.


Canva is an easy-to-work-with tool for creating logos, editing images, and designing vectors (as well as click baits for YouTube videos or infographics). It has lots of templates and features to play with. 

If you need to design something simple for your blog, do not hesitate – try Canva!


As you can guess from the name, it is an app for those with elusive attention. It is a Chrome extension, free to use. Block anything that distracts you from working! 


We hope that these apps will help your blogging. They sure did help many others.