The 5 Major Regrets of MBA Students

Life is full of perspective-changing events and growth. Due to this unpredictable nature of life, it is unsurprising that many people leave their degree programs with some regrets.

Here are 5 major regrets that many MBA students have:

1) Being Unprepared For Consulting Interviews

If you have ever heard of tech interviews being hard, consulting interviews are right up there as far as difficulty level. These interviews require you to be on top of your game with examples that portray your soft skills in the best light.

Just securing an interview at these big consulting companies is hard enough so you need to prepare tirelessly to crack these.

Many MBA students regret not preparing enough for these interviews as far as case studies and mock interviews are concerned.

2) Keeping To Themselves At Events

An MBA degree will include tons and tons of networking opportunities and events whether it is a video call with alumni or a career fair for new students. Networking is key to a successful career in business as you can get referrals from people within your network and get a higher chance of securing a great and healthy job.

However, these events also require you to be vulnerable and willing to put yourself out there in front of strangers. This makes many students uncomfortable which is why they keep to themselves at these events.

Although this is not the worst thing, hearing your peers get a job because of a networking event can show the true power it holds. This is exactly why many students regret not being outspoken during networking opportunities.

3) Buying Too Much Into Hustle Culture

You have surely heard of the advice that if you work hard, nothing is unachievable or something along those lines. While this is true in the essence that hard work can bring you success, this idea put into practice can do a lot of harm.

Hustle culture can make students feel like the only reason they did not achieve what they were working towards was that they did not try hard enough.

This type of thinking can harm someone’s mental health severely and has already as students often complain about not taking time out for themselves to relax/enjoy.

Hustle culture can make you miss out on the things that matter such as making memories and deeper relationships with your friends.

However, taking time out for yourself and for activities you enjoy has never been easier. If your schedule gets too cluttered you can just hire MBA writers

4) Feeling Like An Impostor

Even just deciding to pursue higher education is a great feat that few can make up their mind about. Moreover, many MBA students are involved in countless other things such as student leadership, part-time jobs, internships, and clubs.

However, even after doing so many things and having so many successful ventures, most MBA students experience and even buy into the impostor syndrome throughout their degree program.

Students will often compare themselves to their peers to the point where they cannot even believe they ever made it into the same college or institution as their peers. You will find people talking about their SATs, ACTs, GMAT, and GRE scores thinking about how the university made a mistake when granting them admission.

Not being able to escape impostor syndrome and thinking you are not good enough is a major regret for many MBA students.

5) Focusing Only On The Future

All of us are guilty of focusing, stressing, and worrying about the future. MBA students are no different and maybe even worse some might say. Similar to not taking time out for yourself, many students regret not enjoying their time while in university.

College time flies by before you notice it so it makes sense that students regret not enjoying it to the fullest once they enter their full-time job journey.


All in all, it is natural to develop regrets in life. However, this list can help you lookout for advice on what to focus on during your program.

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