The 4 Best Kartra Alternatives You Should Consider

Getting the sales funnel right is a key part of ensuring your business is successful, and as such, different up and coming businesses around the world are looking for online tools that can help them create and sustain these successful sales funnels. However, given the number of tool options available, settling on one can often pose a challenge. 

Kartra is one of the most popular online sales funnel builders today. It allows you to take care of website hosting, funnel building, affiliate management, marketing automation, landing page design and page building, email marketing, and more; all through the use of a single tool. However, it isn’t for everyone for a variety of reasons.

If you find that Kartra isn’t the right option for your business and are on the lookout for a replacement that offers you a ton of services as well, you’re in the right place. Presented below are the four top Kartra alternatives that you should actively consider for your business. 


One of the biggest challenges that new businesses face with Kartra is the price. Plans start at $99 per month, which isn’t always an affordable option if you’re just getting your company off the ground. 

If you’re looking for an affordable option, is a great choice. Aside from the basic free plan, paid plans start at $27 per month, less than a third of the cost of Kartra.  

Services offered include:

  • Building landing pages through an easy-to-navigate interface. Additionally, you can make use of A/B testing tools to confirm which landing page option works best for your business. You can also integrate your payment systems into the page with ease. 
  • Building and automating sales funnels, including integrating email lists in the funnels
  • Affiliate program management options
  • Ecommerce support
  • Kajabi

While Kartra is probably the better-known tool, it doesn’t mean that alternatives aren’t popular in their own right. If you’re running an online course, you should ideally research some Kartra competitors to land on the most suitable option for your business; Kajabi will likely fit the bill. This tool is specifically tailored for teachers, coaches, and similar professions, but it can also work as an all-in-one platform for any knowledge-based business. 

It should be noted that Kajabi is a bit pricier than Kartra – payment plans start at $119 a month, which may not be in your budget. However, if your budget allows for it, this tool can be quite the fruitful addition to your business. 

Kajabi’s features include:

  • Helping you create and market online courses, membership packages, and coaching services. Tools for doing so include abandoned cart recovery, integrated checkouts, and more. You also have access to video streaming services to make it easy to offer video courses.
  • Making it easy to build landing pages for your website through a drag and drop builder.
  • Allowing you to automate your marketing.

Kajabi is a tool that can facilitate processes for individuals who are not technical experts, making completing certain tasks as accessible as possible for people who know very little about the technical side of building a website. This makes it a good option if you’re an e-learning provider who needs to focus on building your courses rather than becoming a website building expert.

  • Podia

Podia is another good option for e-learning providers and is a more affordable alternative to both Kartra and Kajabi. Prices start at $39 per month, making it rather affordable for new businesses. 

Features include:

  • Allowing you to create and market your online courses. Marketing tools include drip content, quizzes, and more. Additionally, you can create live chat widgets to make staying in touch with your clients easier. 
  • Affiliate marketing to increase your revenue.
  • Making it easy to sell digital downloads like eBooks and audiobooks in addition to courses.
  • Email and marketing automation

Podia also offers great support from their own team, so it makes it easy for you to migrate an existing website if you’re using another tool at the moment and want to change service providers. Like Kajabi, you have access to a drag and drop editor that makes building your website easy even if you have limited or no technical knowledge.

  • Builderall

While Podia and Kajabi are great for e-learning businesses, you may be looking for an option for another type of business. If that’s the case, Builderall is a good option. No matter the type of business you run, Builderall will help you manage and market it with ease. 

It’s an extremely affordable option, with plans that start at $14.90 per month and a 14-day free trial, to begin with. Features include:

  • Easy-to-use website builder that includes templates and a drag and drop editor
  • An easy-to-use app creator to allow you to build a mobile app for your business
  • Making it easy to create an online store, including integrated payment and delivery options
  • Ability to host webinars for clients if required. Other video services include helping with creating animated brand videos for marketing.
  • Email marketing options with funnels.
  • Making it easy to design content marketing materials for social media and other channels

Builderall is divided into five sections to make navigating the tool easier – builders, traffic, email marketing, design, and social media marketing. Each of these sections includes a host of tools you can use to meet your goals, including A/B testing tools and other tools, as discussed above. 

Additionally, they offer great 24/7 support, so you’ll always have someone available if you face a problem. Furthermore, if you are a subscriber to a more comprehensive plan (Premium and above – these plans starting at $79.90 per month), you also get access to dedicated professional support.

Choosing a marketing tool for your company can seem like an impossible challenge, especially if you don’t have a marketing background. With the number of options available, there’s always a concern about choosing the wrong service. 

The best way to choose a tool is to first check for options designed for your business’s niche. If there are no niche-specific tools, consider general tools instead. Additionally, start with a monthly payment – this ensures that if you do choose the wrong option, you haven’t committed to staying with the tool for a whole year and you can easily change services if you find that it’s not quite meeting your needs. 

While it is possible that Kartra may be the right option for many businesses, it has been proven that this isn’t the case for every business out there. If you’re someone who has tried Kartra and found that it doesn’t work for you for whichever reason, make sure to consider the four options listed above!