The 3 Ways That You Can Live In Your House During Repairs

Since there is a very hot Florida real estate market these days, many people are starting to do some renovations to upgrade their homes to get the maximum value. The problem is that it can be expensive to get the work done these days. Not only that, but since so many people are hiring contractors, it can take a while for the work to get done since they are so busy. 

This is leading people to decide to stay in their homes during the renovations to save some money. It can be expensive to stay in a short-term rental. With how many renovation surprises you’re likely to encounter, it is a good idea to save money where you can. In this article, we will give you some tips to help you with the challenges you will face when you are trying to live in a house while doing repairs. 

1 – Divide the house  

Some people prefer to have all of the renovations done at once to get them done and out of the way. This is a valid idea if you aren’t living in the house. When you intend to stay there it is a good idea to divide the house into living sections and then work on one area at a time. This way you can make sure that you are able to use the house in one area while work is done in another.

You may need to reutilize certain areas into makeshift kitchens or bedrooms, however. For instance, if you have a guest room and the kitchen is being redone then you can make that room into a temporary kitchen by adding some hotplates and a fridge so you can get some basic cooking done.

If you are having the living room done then you can repurpose a spare bedroom into a small living room. By timing some of the work and having it done in sections you will have more of the house available to live in. 

2 – Use the yard

Using every bit of available space is going to help you work through the renovations. You may want to time much of the work to be done during the warm months of spring and summer so that you can use the outside space when the inside is occupied. 

For instance, the patio can now become your kitchen if you have the space for a grill and outdoor fridge. If you have the space you can even add a camping stove to be able to do things like boil some pasta or make a soup. 

3 – Know the timeline

How long the process is going to take and when it will take place is essential in being able to plan things out. When you can plan things out then you can figure out the best way to stay in the house while the work is being done. You may need to do an overnight here and there in certain cases so knowing when that could happen will allow you to make it work.