Stunning Black-And-White Photos You Can’t Stop Gazing At

This is why I love black and white photos!

’Margot Believes in Batman’ from a series of photos showing lonely Batman toy wandering through Texas.

© Remi Noel

Soap bubble.

© Keszi László


© Antonio Gutiérrez Pereira

Silhouette, France, 1950s (Amateur photography).

© Dennis Rowe

Maria-Grazia Cucinotta, Italian actress.

© Ferdinando Scianna


Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaign, 1987.

© Ferdinando Scianna & Marpessa

From the ’Body Sculptures’ series.

© Louis Blanc

Singer Joni Mitchell and British musician Graham Nash in the early days.

© pinterest


© Sanghyeok Bang


© Aliza Razell

The Trio, 1958.

© Mario Giacomelli


© Joe Baran


© Arianna Ruzza

’Emptiness.’ From the ’Removed’ photo series, in which photographer Eric Pickersgill captures people after taking away their devices.

© Eric Pickersgill


© Chema Madoz

The performer.

© Marc Apers

Through the mist.

© Paulo Mendonza

Self portrait.

© Noell Oszvald


© Mike Knudsen