This Is What You Will See If You Take A Trip Down The Street in Vietnam… WOW

If you travel to Vietnam, some of the most amazing things you’re going to see there on their streets are these motorbikes and the astonishing things they carry.

These iconic sightings in Vietnam have already become a part of their culture, where merchants and peddlers in motorbikes dart in and out on the busy streets of the country. Check out some of them and be amazed.

Loads at the back and in front look no problem to this guy.


Hans Kemp

That’s a lot of bottles.


Hans Kemp

She transports her goods from point A to point B with little problem at all.


Hans Kemp

Careful with the eggs.


Hans Kemp


You can carry anything with on their motorbike.


Hans Kemp

Fishes can have a nice road trip around, too.


Hans Kemp

A little canteen on motorbike?


Hans Kemp

This huge fish can take a ride too.


Hans Kemp

This is the fastest way to deliver any goods to a customer. It’s also cheaper.


Hans Kemp

Even a hula hoop. Plenty of them.


Hans Kemp

(Source: Hans Kemp via Slate)

Although this is a cheaper and faster way to transport anything from one place to another, it’s also obviously not the safest way. A lot of risky things can happen when you’re overloaded with a lot of things on a motorcycle. Yet again, you cannot but be impressed of those pictures above.