See That Tiny Dot In The Mountains? You’ll Be Blown Away Once You Realize What It Is. WOW!

Almost at the top of the Matterhorn, one of the highest mountains of the Swiss Alps, sits one of the most exclusive spots of the entire Alps – the Solvayhütte. At 4,003 meters (13,133 ft), the Solvayhütte (or the Solvay Hut) serves as a small emergency refuge to climbers.

From below, Solvayhütte looks nothing more than a tiny speck on the Matterhorn. Seriously, if not for the red circle, I wouldn’t even see it.

solvayhütte 6

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Can you imagine how difficult and dangerous it was to build it there? The next photo can give you a pretty good idea.

solvayhütte 2

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The hut was built in 1915 (in only 5 days!) and was named after Ernest Solvay, a Belgian chemist and industrialist who financed the construction.

solvayhütte 3

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The hut, which can accommodate about 10 people, is situated on a ledge directly above the Moseley Slab on the Hörnligrat.

solvayhütte 1

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It does look a little less scary without the snow.
solvayhütte 4

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solvayhütte 7

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The Solvayhütte is strictly to be used only during emergencies. However, many climbers would stop briefly there to rest and of course take photos.


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And who can blame these brave souls when this hut, peering out from the ledge, provides breathtaking views of the surrounding Monte Rosa summits.

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