This Looks Like an Ordinary Box, Right? Well, Look A Bit More Closer And Your Brain Will Explode.

This magical box is the amazing work by Ron Brinkmann. He built a box with six square mirrors and the reflecting sides turned inwards. The result is an infinite mirror loop that gives you the mind-blowing images below.

Ron placed different objects into the box. He also put a camera that’s set to go off on a timer mode to capture the fascinating images inside.

mb1Ron Brinkmann

mb2Ron Brinkmann

mb3Ron Brinkmann

mb4Ron Brinkmann

mb5Ron Brinkmann

mb6Ron Brinkmann


mb7Ron Brinkmann

mb8Ron Brinkmann

mb9Ron Brinkmann

mb10Ron Brinkmann

mb11Ron Brinkmann

mb12Ron Brinkmann

mb13Ron Brinkmann

(Credit: Ron Brinkmann)