Reasons Why Nonprofits Love Cryptocurrency

As cryptocurrency prices have risen, nonprofits have turned to crypto as a new revenue stream. Crypto provides tax advantages, but it also makes nonprofits more transparent. Listed below are reasons why nonprofits love cryptocurrency. Hopefully, these will convince you to switch too.And if you’re not yet on board, you should be. Keep reading to discover why crypto is the best new way to give. So, if you are interested in Bitcoin trading you may visit for your safe and secured trading experience.

Donors benefit from a tax incentive

Donors who make a charitable contribution using cryptocurrency can claim a tax deduction for the fair market value of their donation. Depending on the duration of the holding period, this amount could be as high as 30% of the donor’s adjusted gross income. 

The deduction amount is also tax deductible if the donor owns the cryptocurrency for less than one year. To get a tax deduction, the donor must know the cryptocurrency’s fair market value at the time of the contribution.

Donors should first identify the cryptocurrency units they are donating. The digital identifiers of the units include the private key and the public key. You can also use the addresses of the donated units to identify the transaction information of all the units of a particular virtual currency.

 If a donor is donating large amounts of cryptocurrency, they should consult with a tax professional. While cryptocurrency donations present a few tax challenges, they may also provide a powerful incentive for donors.

There are many different ways to crowdsource donations. Some crowdsourcing platforms let donors choose a specific project or group. Public schools, for instance, can use these funds to fund specific projects. 

By allowing donors to choose specific projects, they can avoid donating to frivolous causes. Crowdfunding is an excellent method to raise money for a worthwhile cause. More than half of all users of crowdsourcing platforms have contributed to a cause they support. 

A recent study stated that nearly a third of all users had contributed to a crowdfunding project that helped a person in need. That figure grew to more than two-thirds of American adults. By putting the power of crowdsourcing at the disposal of individuals from all walks of life, donors can contribute to a worthy cause without leaving their homes.

Donors avoid capital gains tax

Donating cryptocurrency has two benefits for donors. First, the gift qualifies for a charitable deduction. Second, the tax on the donated cryptocurrency is a long-term capital gains tax. For example, if a taxpayer donates five bitcoins, the tax payable would be $25,000, not $5. The taxpayer can deduct up to $4,760 in federal income taxes.

The IRS considers cryptocurrency property and grants charities the same tax treatment as donations of publicly traded stock. Additionally, donating cryptocurrency to a nonprofit does not trigger capital gains tax since the value is converted to fair market value at the time of donation. The donor also can claim the donation on their taxes as an itemized deduction. Moreover, donations of cryptocurrency to nonprofits may qualify for itemized charitable deductions.

Donors avoid accounting discrepancies

Accepting cryptocurrency as a donation method is not as difficult as it might seem. Donors can use their crypto assets to purchase goods or hold long-term investments. Cryptocurrency decentralization means that a network of computers records all transactions. It eliminates the need for middlemen and other accounting discrepancies. Donors can use cryptocurrency as a means of donation or engage new donors.

Purchasing and donating crypto requires the buyer to create a cryptocurrency wallet and an account with a cryptocurrency payment processor. These processors will automatically convert donated crypto into US dollars and send them to the nonprofit organization. While some nonprofits may prefer to keep crypto gifts for their records, this is risky and does not help prevent discrepancies in the nonprofit’s accounting.

Charitable giving via cryptocurrency

If you are looking to increase your donations, you may have considered charitable giving via cryptocurrency. But some charities have been resisting this idea. These organizations see cryptocurrency as an energy hog and predatory scheme. 

Others see cryptocurrency as a way to help charities and are concerned that accepting it would be a sign of endorsement of a new financial system. If you want to attract millennial donors, you should embrace the idea of charitable giving via cryptocurrency.

Final Words

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