Reasons Why Clients Prefer Using Female Voice Instead of Male Voice?

When it comes to voice, the majority of the people prefer female voice over male voice. Most of the virtual assistants and computer software uses female voice instead of making—for example, Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa, etc.

Voice plays a very important role in advertisement and marketing. Nowadays, most people create online videos and audio using text to speech software.

In such software, you can choose from many different types of voices. However, most of the businesses and publishers go after female voice.

They use a female voice generator to convert the digital text into feminine speech and use it for advertisement. Even training and educational videos are mostly made using the female voice.

Reasons to Use Female Voice:

Voice can have a great influence on purchase decision, interaction, communication and understanding. Individuals react subconsciously to the female voice. Research shows that people pay more attention to the female voice. Here are some of the reasons why clients prefer the female voice.

Trustworthy: Female voice is trustworthy. Research shows that individuals easily trust female voices compared to male voices. It is one of the reasons why most of the educational and explainer videos are made using a female voice generator. Female narration is easily trusted and understood.

– Persuasive: 

People naturally associate female voice with certain things like caring, helping, non-threatening, soothing, etc. Because of this reason, it is more persuasive than the male voice. Businesses mostly use female voice for sales and commercial videos. It indirectly affects the buying decision of the person.

– Engaging: 

Apart from being persuasive, the female voice is more engaging in nature. When you listen to a female voice, you will actually pay attention and try to understand. Most people react positively to the female voice as it is engaging and captivating.


The female voice is versatile as you can use it for various purposes. You can use it for creating sales videos. You can also use it for creating training videos. It can also be used for educational videos, IVR and many other things. There are many people who use it for apps, software and websites as well.

– Soothing and Comforting: 

When it comes to a female voice, it is more soothing and comforting than a male voice. A female voice can easily make you feel comfortable. Because of this reason, educational videos are made using the female voice.

– Helping Voice: 

The female voice sounds more helpful, whereas the male voice sounds commanding. Because of this reason, most virtual assistants have a female voice. It can help you to solve problems.

– Clear and Melodic: 

Everyone loves to listen to a voice that is pleasing, clear and melodic. The female voice has all three characteristics. It is soft but clear and helps the users to understand everything easily.

– Easy to Understand: 

The female voice is easy to understand. If you are trying to explain something complicated, you can use a female voice as people pay more attention to it.

– Easy to Find: 

It is quite easy to find a female voice that everyone loves. However, it is very difficult to find a male voice that is equally pleasing and captivating.

These are some of the reasons why clients and businesses use the female voice instead of the male voice.