This Glass Orb Could Revolutionize Solar Power On Earth

The sun is the greatest sustainable energy source on Earth. But we’ve yet to figure out the most effective way to utilize its full potential. André Broessel of Rawlemon may have the right solution.

Andre designed this spherical sun-tracking solar energy-generating globe that can “squeeze more juice out of the sun.” This giant glass orb on a robotic steel frame concentrates both sunlight and even moonlight up to 10,000 times, which is 35% more efficient than other existing dual–axis photovoltaic designs.

See for yourself.

This could be the answer to all our solar power woes.

“Unlike any existing solar technology, the design and its dematerialized aesthetic permits high-transparency and full-building integration with no weather impact, due to its dual axis-tracking system. the design allows the possibility to connect both standard and hybrid collectors in order to convert electricity and/or thermal energy, offering a scalable, reversible, self-sufficient system,” André said.

It has a built-in modular collector system that charges and stores energy during the day.


Photovoltaic cells and heat-driven mini-generators will transform the energy into current.

And, yes, even at night, the glass orb gathers energy from the moon.

It really sounds amazing, right?

Watch this video to learn how this thing works.

(via NewsDiscovery)

Could this be the solar energy solution we’ve been waiting for? We’ve yet to find out as André Broessel and his team at Rawlemon are still doing further testing, and continually improving the glass orb. You can visit their website at Rawlemon.