Popular Standing Desk

Optimization of the workplace is essential for productive work and healthier conditions. High-quality standing desks are very popular today due to their ergonomic design, functionality, and suitability for home and office. Create a space where you can work actively without constant sitting to perform more tasks per day and feel better. 

This up-to-date motorized desk with a polished design provides the height you need when working and operates in a smooth flowing manner. Undoubtedly, an automated desk is a required attribute for every representative of modern society. The point is that we used to do everything in a rush in the conditions of the present day without regard to our health. The desk has a three-level design for linear motion to allow the user to experience the most convenient positioning. Simply pressing the button will give you freedom of movement. 

An impressive variety of standing desks available for sale gives an opportunity to select the best variant for your personal needs, space design, and the right size to fit your room. 

What advantages everyone can obtain with a standing desk

If you consider a sit-stand desk as an ordinary piece of furniture for office or home, you should understand it is not the case at all. Finally, you can obtain a real must-have with all the technical and design features for healthy studying and working. What more benefits can you get with it?

The flexibility of design to meet the most fastidious needs. For sure, you have a unique taste and style you want the chosen product to comply with. And it’s perfectly possible with the motorized desks produced by Progressive Desk and all their accessories to be flexible in the process of building the desk you find perfect for all intents and purposes. There is also a good solution to build your own design of the desk on the manufacturer’s website. Frames, tabletops, and additional associated goods are easy to mix and combine for an ideal desk model.

Replenish your lifestyle by adding more activity

The environment where you are invariably constrained and discomfortable provokes individuality and health devastation. To avoid such a complicated state, you should start thinking about the conditions you work or study daily including your entire mode of life. Are you active enough? For how many hours per day do you regularly work on the computer sitting? Answer to see what you have and evaluate the way it affects your life. Make a change to a safe-health working space by shifting to a standing desk with an opportunity to adjust the necessary height. 

Get the smart product of the highest quality

Be sure you will experience ergonomic conditions of work and exclusively top quality of the product to work fruitfully throughout the day. No risk at all, tangible convenience, and eligible design are major advantages a lot of people globally have appreciated for the last several years. Is not it great that you can match different suitable parts to create the desk of your dream? Moreover, there are many useful accessories like additional drawers, holders, power solutions, remote controls, and other interesting devices to make your work environment even more manageable and comfortable. 

How much time is it recommended to stand at an adjustable height desk?

It has been studied and proved in the area of orthopedics that standing is surely the best solution for your posture much as for your back, shoulders and neck if you compare it with constant sitting. It is not an exaggeration that daily sitting for several hours straight negatively influences your general mental state and has harmful accumulative effects on health. Many experts recommend offices as well as homeworkers to spend approximately 15-20 minutes per hour standing. 

Simply make a rule for yourself while working – I work for 45 minutes sitting at the desk and after that, I perform some tasks standing for 15 minutes. In two or three weeks it will gradually become your common habit and you will not suffer from any difficulties with it. At the same time, there is one more piece of advise from the University of Waterloo to stand for 30 minutes minimum to obtain those useful advantageous for your health. 

Moreover, you can burn more calories when standing, which means you will get one more reason not to care about additional weight gaining. A mixture of these regular activities will also help to release any strain in the neck and back. 

In general, it would be great if different businesses who possess huge staff allocated enough budget to provide their workers with healthier work conditions. Such a people-oriented approach will definitely bring visible results in terms of performance rate, motivation, and high level of self-esteem. It is a good marker of the employer’s attitude to the workers and that the company or organization cares about their health and comfort.  


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.