Pluses and Minuses of Life in Florida

Florida, or the “Sunny State”, is the southernmost state of America, known for its tropical climate, plentiful wildlife and numerous beaches. However, this place is much more diverse. The splendid beautiful beaches and marvelous sights of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico surprise tourists with their extraordinary beauty. Each city and district of Florida is like a separate state. Miami is similar to New York, which was moved to the Caribbean Sea. Panhandle, which includes Tallahassee, has more of a southern flavor. Orlando is extremely popular with tourists from all over the world, and the Florida Keys is an absolutely unique destination.

It is one of the favorite vacation spots for USA residents because it offers a high standard of living. Florida has a lot to offer – no matter what your budget is. There are several inexpensive places to visit in the state, where pensioners can settle down and spend their time freely, without any disturbances.

If you are planning to buy property in Florida in 2022 or are thinking about moving, you would better compare the advantages and disadvantages of living in this state to get more pleasant impressions of this place. The official website Florida.RealEstate tells more about them.

Pros of moving to Florida

Florida is the fastest growing and third most populous state in the USA. Why do people choose this place as their home?

  • Climate. It is sunny and hot here most of the year. This means that you can spend more time outdoors, enjoy the sea and nature.
  • Warm winters. In winter, the thermometer drops to +25-15° C, so people do not need to put on warm clothes and worry about ice.
  • There is no state income tax. Instead, you need to pay only federal taxes.
  • World-class beaches and cozy parks.
  • Florida is an ideal place for water sports, including diving, yachting, surfing, etc.
  • Lots of places for active sports and outdoor activities. If you lead a healthy lifestyle and love sports, in Florida, you will find many high-class sports grounds, clubs and studios open all year round.
  • Many entertainment venues, such as Disney, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens.
  • Picturesque area and rich nature. Philadelphia has a various natural landscape, with many natural trails, springs, rivers and lakes.
  • Mixed population. The “Sunny State” is one of the most diverse in the country by groups and types of people of all ages.
  • Affordable housing. Depending on the city and district, you can buy a brand-new property here at a relatively low price (from $200,000), whether it will be a cozy studio with all the necessary amenities or an attractive penthouse with modern appliances for a comfortable life.

Cons of moving to Florida

Despite the obvious advantages of this state, there are several reasons that may make you refuse to move here. These include: 

  • Heat and humidity – these factors can make your life difficult in the “Sunny State”. April shows the lowest relative humidity during the year – about 66%. The highest relative humidity is observed in November – 77%. The hottest months are July, August and September. During these months, the air temperature reaches 33° C. It is quite difficult to feel such a temperature at high humidity.
  • Rains and thunderstorms. Between August and October, the state had the highest rainfall of 81.84 mm. Thunderstorms and lightning strikes can lead to a power outage. Hurricanes are not uncommon and can be devastating.
  • Lots of insects. Beetles, midges and cockroaches are typical of these places. In addition to them, there are dangerous snakes, spiders and scorpions that can spoil the impression of a vacation in the state.
  • A rapidly growing population is overloading infrastructure and affecting natural resources, including water. Sometimes, there are the hold-ups with it. 
  • Poorly developed public transport with minimal service.

As you can see, living in Florida has both pros and cons, just like other places in the world, but undoubtedly, you have a choice.

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