Planning a Baby Shower Tea Party: Timeline and Checklist for a Memorable Event

A baby shower tea party is a fantastic way to celebrate the arrival of a new little one while enjoying the soothing and calming effects of herbal wellness tea.

This unique theme allows for a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere where guests can connect and enjoy the company of loved ones.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive timeline and checklist to help you plan the perfect baby shower tea party that everyone will remember fondly.

Timeline and Checklist for a Baby Shower Tea Party

6-8 Weeks Before the Event

  • Choose a Date and Time

Pick a stint that works best for the mom-to-be and her closest friends and family. Typically, baby showers are held about 1-2 months before the baby’s due date.

  • Create a Guest List

Consult with the expectant mother and decide on who to invite. Keep in mind that a tea party is best suited for a more intimate gathering, so consider limiting the guest list to close friends and family.

  • Decide On the Venue

Determine whether you’ll host the event at home, in a garden, or at a tearoom. Make sure to book the venue well in advance, if necessary.

  • Send Out Invitations

Choose tea party-themed invites and send them out to your guests. Be sure to include important information such as the date, time, and location, as well as any registry details and RSVP instructions.

4-6 Weeks Before the Event

  • Plan the Menu

Check with the mom-to-be about her preferences and any dietary restrictions. A baby shower tea party menu should include a variety of finger sandwiches, scones, pastries, and of course, a selection of herbal wellness teas with a wide range of delicious and healthful options to choose from.

  • Choose Decorations

Pick a color scheme and adornments that complement the tea party theme. Consider incorporating delicate floral arrangements, vintage teacups, lace tablecloths, and tiered serving trays.

  • Plan Games and Activities

While the main focus of a tea party is socializing and sipping tea, it’s always a good idea to have a few baby shower amusementsand leisure interests planned to keep guests entertained.

2-4 Weeks Before the Event

  • Confirm RSVPs

Reach out to guests who haven’t responded to your invitation to confirm their attendance.

  • Purchase or Make Party Favors

As a token of appreciation, provide your guests with a small gift to take home. Tea party-themed favors could include tea infusers, personalized tea bags, or small jars of honey.

  • Order or Prepare Any Rented or Purchased Items

If you’re renting tableware, linens, or chairs, make arrangements for their delivery or pickup. If you’re procuring decorations or other supplies, allow ample time for shipping.

1 Week Before the Event

  • Finalize the Menu

With just one week left before the event, complete your set of choices and make a shopping list. Don’t forget to include any special dietary needs or requests from the mom-to-be and guests.

  • Prepare a Schedule

Create a rough timetable for the day of the event, outlining the order of activities, food service, and any special announcements or presentations.

  • Confirm Details with Vendors

If you’ve hired any retailers for catering, floral arrangements, or entertainment, reach out to them to confirm the details and ensure everything is on track.

1-2 Days Before the Event

  • Set Up the Venue

If possible, prepare the setting a day or two before the event. This includes arranging tables and chairs, assembling the serving area, and decorating the space.

  • Prepare Food and Beverages

If you’re making any of the edibles or refreshments yourself, get ready a day or two in advance. This may include baking scones, preparing finger sandwiches, and chilling herbal wellness teas.

Day of the Event

  • Assemble the Food and Tea

On the day of the event, assemble your finger sandwiches, pastries, and other treats on serving trays. Set up the tea station, offering a variety of herbal wellness teas with accompanying sweeteners, milk, or lemon wedges.

  • Welcome Guests

Greet your visitors as they arrive, making sure they feel comfortable and at home. Direct them to the designated areas for mingling, coat storage, and gift drop-off.

  • Stick to the Schedule

Keep an eye on the time and ensure that the event flows smoothly according to the timetable you prepared. This includes managing the food service, facilitating games and activities, and overseeing any announcements or presentations.

  • Take Photos

Capture the special moments of the day by taking pictures yourself or assigning someone to be the event photographer. These will serve as cherished memories for the mom-to-be and all the guests.

  • Give Out Party Favors

As the event comes to a close, don’t forget to hand out the party favors to your guests as a token of appreciation for their attendance and support.

After the Event

  • Thank You Notes

Within a week after the event, send out appreciationmessages to all the guests who attended. Consider including a photo from the baby shower tea party as a memento.


Planning a baby shower tea party can be a delightful experience that brings people together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby.

By following this timeline and checklist, you’ll be well on your way to hosting a memorable event filled with love, laughter, and the comforting warmth of herbal wellness tea.