Placing Your Loved One in a Memory Care Facility: What Are the Benefits?

It’s finally that time – the time when you have to decide if you want to put your loved one into a memory care facility.

It can be frightening and nerve-wracking to take the leap, but it can be extremely beneficial to make this decision for the people you love. There are a ton of benefits to placing your loved one in a memory care facility.

If you are considering this as an option for a family member, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a memory care facility! 

Secure Environment

If you are worried about a loved one because of memory issues, the good news is that you can place a loved one in a memory care facility for a more secure environment. If your loved one lives at home at the moment, they have the independence to do whatever they want. 

Although that is great, it can also lead to dangerous situations. By placing your loved one in a memory care facility such as Cedar Creek Memory Care, it can prevent wandering and encourage participation in safer activities with others. There’s always someone on the watch to ensure the safety of everyone there. Whether it is 7 am or midnight, round-the-clock supervision will allow you to take a breath and know your loved one is in the right care.

Specialized Care

Not everyone who is in a memory care facility has the same problems. It is important that each individual in a memory care facility receives individualized treatment. Not only do they need individualized treatment, but they also need specialized attention. In reality, everyone who is there is each their own individual person. They have their own needs.

When you put your loved one into a memory care facility, you can rest assured that the staff will do their best to get to know your loved one. They want to know who they are in order to show them the proper care and individualize their needs. 

Not only are they going to individualize their needs mentally, but this is also for physical needs as well. They will know their specific conditions to know how to deal with them and their health. 

Fun Activities and Programs for Your Loved One

If you’re ever worried about your loved one being at home alone with nothing to do, putting them in a memory care facility can reassure those worries.

There’s always something for people to do in any memory care facility. The different programs and activities are not just there for fun, but they are also there to help with specific conditions such as memory loss. The specific programs are meant to keep everyone entertained as well as help them at the same time! 

There’s nothing better than crossing two things off at once!

However, if you ever want to check your loved one out of the facility to do something fun like golf, you can do that! This way, your loved one gets the best of both worlds – as do you!

Increased Safety 

Physical safety should be at the top of your list of things that are important for someone who has memory loss issues. Because they have memory loss, they may end up doing something that can harm their safety –  they can even get lost at times. 

By putting them into a memory care facility, staff will be committed to keeping your loved one in a safe environment and out of danger. This is one of the top priorities of the facility.

Increase safety coming everything from keeping them in the right environment to helping them with their daily activities like getting dressed and showering. Although that may seem like an easy daily activity, this can be dangerous for some people.

Medication and Treatment Help

Having someone that has memory loss issues handle their own medication and treatments can be extremely dangerous. This can lead to forgetting to take important medications as well as taking too much of them – neither of which is good.

Staff at a memory care facility are able to help your loved one take the right doses of medication as well as get them to their appointments. Not only that, but they are able to help them schedule and coordinate appointments to keep track of their treatments and calendar. 

Because the staff is helping your loved one, you do not have to worry as much about this situation! You know that they are in good hands.

Personalized Health Plans

Do you feel that your loved one needs a specific exercise plan? Do they need a personalized meal plan with special diet requirements? A memory care facility can do that for you!

It is essential that anyone in a facility gets the right nutrients and exercise to stay healthy. More importantly, anyone with memory loss should be getting foods that supplement brain health as well. Most memory care facilities are able to provide specialized meal plans to ensure that your loved one has the healthiest diet they can for their needs.

Additionally, having a personalized health and meal plan will also make your loved ones feel like they are more in control. Even if they are craving something, they can tell the staff that they want that. The staff are then able to provide options with their health at the forefront of their mind.

Benefits of a Memory Care Facility

Although it may seem sad and difficult to put your loved one into a facility, there are many benefits that come along with a memory care facility. If you’re constantly worried about your loved one being in danger, harming themselves, or not knowing where they are, it is time to put them into a memory care facility.

If you do, you can rest assured that they are in great care with program and activity options, help with treatment and medication, better physical safety, and individualized care and treatment plans!

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