25 Things You’ll Find Only In The Philippines

Beautiful beaches. Fascinating history. Friendly and hospitable locals. There are plenty of great reasons the Philippines should be the next country you visit.

There are also many interesting things you will encounter while getting around the country. From an extreme carpool called “habal-habal” to a delicious “halo-halo,” check out below some of the things that make it “more fun in the Philippines.” Enjoy!

1. Soda in a plastic bag

pt1Twitter / @sgutierrezp_

2. Kids playing the game Tumbang Preso


3. Eating Balut (a developing duck embryo)


4. Moving a house, literally. Locals called it “Bayanihan” which refers to a spirit of communal unity, helping a neighbor move his house to a new location.


5. This extreme carpool called “habal-habal”


6. The bizarre scenes when there’s a Manny Pacquiao fight like this deserted street:


The other street looks like this:


7. The sweet tofu snack called “Taho”

pt12Instagram / joannimals

8. This road sign

9. I definitely want this delicious Filipino desert called Halo–Halo (literally means mix-mix)


10. The secret prizes.

pt18Instagram / deniseochoa


11. This boy carrying this dog through flood waters.

pt6Romeo Ranoco / Via Reuters

12. Kids playing basketball despite the flood


13. These friends drinking Red Horse beer in the aftermath of heavy rains.

pt7Camille Buhain / Via 8list.ph

14. This colorful Jeepney.


15. Ice cream seller in the middle of the ocean.

16. This guy selling fresh coconut juice.

pt29Instagram / vincethomaspardo

17. This Wi-Pie to go.

18. This pink cat GrabTaxi.

pt30Instagram / iamtraceymay

19. This “facebool” food cart.

pt31Instagram / ayyyssseeel

20. This Husband Day Care Center.


21. This “snowman”

22. Magnificent views like this.

pt32Instagram / justinjetli

23. These dancing inmates.

pt14CBC News

24. Beautiful beaches like this.


25. And breathtaking sunsets.

pt13Flickr / ParcPhotography

(H/T to BuzzFeed)