Online Examination System: The Pros and the Cons

It seems that almost everything is moving online. Even school exams are moving online! Online examinations allow students to take their exams from home. This system comes with pros and cons. This blog post will discuss both sides.



Online exams can pose security risks. Examiners must ensure that questions are not leaked and students do not cheat during an exam. It is easier to eradicate fraud when taking online exams using technologies such as IP tracking and webcam probing.


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Automatic Grading

A common problem students have with physical exams is the time it takes to get their grades. Online exams speed up this process as grades are automatically calculated. This facilitates faster feedback for both teachers and students, which leads to better learning outcomes.

Automated grading eliminates bias from human graders. If two students have identical test scores, but one student comes from a more wealthy background, the automated system will be less likely to give the privileged student a higher grade than the other student. This eliminates potential discrimination and gives all students an equal chance to succeed academically.

You save time and money

Time and money are valuable resources for any company. Online examination systems can save time and money. An online examination system can help you save money in the most obvious way: it reduces the cost of printing test papers and allows you to administer exams in a physical location.

Online examination systems can also save money in other ways. An online exam system can be a great way to save money if you have many employees who are located all over the globe.

Online examinations are also time-saving. Online exams save time and employees don’t need to travel to testing locations or stand in long lines to take their exams. Employers don’t have to wait as long to see their results. In some cases, grading can be done automatically.

No more arguments about standards

Online examinations have the greatest advantage of standardizing the assessment process. Online examinations will eliminate any arguments between teachers and students about the correct answer. Everything would be based upon the same platform, with the same set of rules.

This would also mean that the assessment would be more objective as everyone would be assessed according to the same criteria. This means that no matter what you are doing, it will all be the same. Find out how to find the right service provider for you if you get stuck.


Automation could lead to lower assessment results

Automation could result in lower quality assessments, which is a concern. An incorrectly calibrated automated grading system could result in inaccurate grades being given. A student could get an incorrect grade if their test answers are flagged by the software as incorrect, even though they are correct. Online examination systems must be calibrated regularly in order to guarantee accuracy.

Lower concentration levels and distractions

Online examinations have their advantages, but they also have some drawbacks. An online exam system allows candidates to take the exam from their computer or laptop, rather than going to the traditional exam hall and writing with pen and paper. There will be distractions other than writing in a hall with soundproof walls, such as chatting with others online (Facebook, etc.). You can also watch videos on YouTube and other video websites.

There are high chances of cheating

Online exams can be convenient but they have disadvantages. Online exams can be costly and offer unfair benefits to students who have the means.

Online exams are not always supervised by an examiner or invigilator. Students can take online exams without being watched so they often question ‘Can Brightspace Detect Cheating?’. Since no one is watching, students may cheat. This is not the case in traditional examinations where each student is monitored at all times.


Online examinations have become more popular in colleges, universities, schools and other educational institutions. While it is a great alternative to pen-and-paper exams, there are pros and cons. You should consider if your institution can benefit the most from an online exam system.