The Nuclear Bomb Tourism in Las Vegas in 1950s

Las Vegas was once famous as the favorite spot for Nuclear Tourists.

At the end of World War II, the USA suddenly made the nuclear bomb so devastatingly famous… In the 1950s the States made over 900 nuclear tests in the Nevada Desert lasting over 40 days and leaving multiple craters on the sandy body of the desert. These photos recall disturbing memory of Sin City nuclear holiday.

Model posing in front of a nuclear cloud

Nuclear tests were a rather ordinary part of life in Las Vegas

Miss Atomic Bomb of Sin City

Bombs over Fremont

The Atomic Fashion of the Nuclear Bomb Tourism of the 50s

Reporters witness the nuclear test on Frenchman Flat, June 24, 1957


Just a few moments to get that perfect shot

A bright flash from the nuclear blast…

The pillar of smoke that follows

The Nevada nuclear bomb test site employed nearly 100,000 men and women

Nuclear tests would draw in hundreds of spectators…

Filming the atomic blast of Wasp Prime Test, Nevada on February 18, 1955. The Wasp Prime test was part of Operation Teapot, a series of 14 nuclear tests conducted at the Nevada Test site during 1955. The Wasp Prime bomb had a yield of 3.2kt.

The stunning mark it left behind is something for those tourists who missed the nuclear blast

Birds-eye view of craters dotting the Yucca Flats