Most Common Reasons People Get Divorced

Did you know that the divorce rate in the UK is around 42%? People do not expect to go through a divorce when they get married, but it is common in the UK and there are a number of reasons why this might happen. Divorce has become more common worldwide over the years (in many countries it was not previously committed), so what are the main reasons that married couples decide to call it quits?

The Love Ends

Sadly, one of the primary reasons is that the couple falls out of love with one another. This often happens when people change from the person that they fall in love with and they no longer feel that all-important spark between one another.

Financial Problems

Financial problems can take their toll on a relationship. Sometimes, one of the parties will fall into financial difficulty that causes the couple to split. Of course, divorce itself can be complex when it comes to finances, which is why a specialized lawyer should be helping you. Bigger cities such as London or Manchester will provide more options when it comes to specialised divorce solicitors, but you can find them virtually everywhere. Make sure to hire a good professional to guide you through this difficult process. 

Lack of Sex

Another common reason is a lack of sex. Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship, but sometimes a couple’s intimacy will change for one reason or another whether this is to do with kids, losing attraction or mental health problems. If these problems cannot be overcome, it can cause the couple to split.


Sadly, addictions can also be a common reason why married couples split. Alcohol is the most obvious example, but there are many other addictions that can destroy a marriage, such as gambling, drugs or smoking.

Lack of Communication

Communication is the bedrock of all relationships. When a married couple stops communicating as well, it can cause all kind of serious issues in the relationship that can lead to divorce.


Cheating is also one of the most common reasons why a couple gets divorced. These divorces are often the messiest and the hardest to navigate in terms of emotions.

Personal Problems

A more general reason for divorce is personal problems, which can sometimes incorporate some of the above. If someone is having personal problems, it can impact their life and relationship in many ways. This might be a mental health problem, issues relating to intimacy or trust or even problems with family.

These are the most common reasons why couples get divorced. Romantic relationships are not like a fairytale and what you see in the movies and require a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Sometimes, marriages do not work and getting a divorce is the best option. Although never an easy process, sometimes this is the best path forward and can lead to a better life.