This Guy Puts Moss Into A Blender. What He Does Next? You Have To See This!

Graffiti is among the coolest art forms there is. But since we are currently in a race to save the planet (yes, from toxic paint spray chemicals, too ), some street artists are now going for environment-friendly ways for artistic expression.

This latest urban street art craze? Moss graffiti! Using simple ingredients and your artistic bone, you’ll be able to either beautify your garden or take to the streets and share your creation- at your own risk, of course. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide on how to make your own moss graffiti. Enjoy!

1. Start by collecting or buying 3 cups of moss.

moss graffiti trend 1


2. Rinse out the soil and dry.

moss graffiti trend 2


3. Break the moss into small pieces by using an old blender.

moss graffiti trend 3


4. Add 2 cups of buttermilk or 2 cups of plain yogurt. Then 2 cups of water or 2 cups of beer. Your call. After, add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and blend until the mixture is completely smooth and slightly thick like paint.

moss graffiti trend 4


7. Add a little corn syrup, a bit at a time if the mixture is too thin. Mix until it’s no longer runny.

moss graffiti trend 5



8. Pour the mixture into a bucket and get a paint brush.

moss graffiti trend 6


9. Now you’re ready to paint your design on a wall.

moss graffiti trend 7


10. If it’s in a public place, look out for cops just in case.

moss graffiti trend 8


11. Moisten your eco-friendly graffiti regularly with a spray bottle filled with water to make sure the moss grows.

moss graffiti trend 9


Wait for it to grow and start delighting passers by.

moss graffiti trend 10


moss graffiti trend 11

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As for the design, just take a deep breath and let your imagination run wild.

moss graffiti trend 12

via DIY Cozy Home

moss graffiti trend 13

via DIY Cozy Home

Isn’t this beautiful?

moss graffiti trend 14

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H/t DIY Cozy Home