5 Methods to Personalize Your Medical Scrubs

Photo via uniformadvantage.com

Being in a nursing profession doesn’t mean wearing the same uniform as others in your workplace.

You may always customize your medical scrubs to look cool every time you wear it. There are some exciting ways to customize your scrubs.

They add your personality and unique sense of style to your medical uniform.

Read here to know more about fashion scrubs for nurses. The below-listed ideas will help you customize your scrubs, giving a personal touch to it.

Embroidery and Emblem

Embroidery means something related to stitching on your medical uniform.

It can be your name, hospital’s name, or your title. You may choose the text option- block or script fonts. 

Introducing yourself to your patient is a fundamental way to get embroidery on your scrub tops or lab coat.

Adding your ward, department, and role gives your scrub a unique look. For your scrub tops or lab coats, you may personalize it stitching in multiple locations. Try some fun characters in your embroidery text.

Emblems are small icons or graphics stitched on your uniform. You may stitch them alone or along with the text.

You can choose the color of the thread, or the manufacturer may provide a ready-made one for you.

Emblems for specific fields such as ambulances, dentists, nurses give a more personalized look.

Prints on Your Scrubs

Custom prints add pattern and texture to your uniform. If you are working in the children’s ward or hospital, you may go for cartoon or video game characters on your scrubs.

The fun and unique patterns in your scrubs give you a distinct personality in the workplace. These fashion scrubs for nurses make patients feel comfortable because of your relaxed uniform.

Mix and Match Scrubs

Mix and match is another way to look fashionable and professional at the same time. If you have permission to mix and match your uniform at your workplace, then go for it. It gives a unique look and different from other coworkers.

Wear a full sleeves shirt or woolen clothes under your scrub top, or you may mix and match different color options to your uniform- gray and blue, white and black, bright and pastel, and so on.

Adding Extra Pockets

If your scrubs do not have a pocket, you may add one. Pockets can be small or large, as per your requirements.

This fashion scrubs give a distinct style from others and handy in times to carry extra stuff. Most importantly, it makes you more efficient and quick to respond in emergencies, without compromising your style.

Adding a Zip or Extra Buttons

Adding a zip to your scrubs will make your uniform stand out from others. Front zip cutting through the center can make your scrubs top notch.

Even buttons can give it a fresh look, depending on where you place them. So, you may add buttons on the sleeves or pockets and make it more creative.

Many brands cater to such fashion needs of healthcare professionals. Check them out to get your perfect fit.

These are a few ideas to personalize fashion scrubs for nurses to help your conquest.