Ever Wonder What McDonald’s Is Serving Around The World? Well, That Is If You Really Want to Know.

After seeing these yummy-looking McDonald’s dishes from around the world, you might want to consider traveling abroad and become a McDonald’s tourist.

From McArabia in the Middle East to the Yin and Yang burger in Hong Kong, there seems to be no stopping McDonald’s from figuring out what every city in the world is craving. See for yourself.

1. Black and White (or yin and yang) burger — China, Hong Kong and Taiwan


2. Croque McDo — France

md3 Flickr / Geographyalltheway

3. Prawn-patty sandwich — Japan

md4McDonalds TM

4. Cheese Fondue Chicken Burger — Japan

md5McDonalds TM

5. Das Nürnburger with 3 bratwurst sausages and mustard — Germany

md6McDonalds TM

6. McCurry Pan stuffed with savory chicken and veggies — India

md7McDonalds TM

7. McFalafel — Israel

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8. McSphagetti — Philippines

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9. Le Frescallegre — Italy

md10McDonalds TM

10. Chocolate orange pie — Turkey

md35McDonalds TM

11. McRice burger with either chicken or beef patties — Philippines

md12McDonalds TM


12. Greek Mac — Greece


13. McTurco — Turkey

md14McDonalds TM

14. McCurrywurst with sliced sausage covered in tangy tomato sauce and curry powder — Germany


15. Carbonara Burger — Japan

md16McDonalds TM

16. McPumpkin Omlette Sandwich — Hungary

md17McDonalds TM

17. Cheese Katsu Burger — Japan

md18McDonalds TM

18. McPork — Japan

md19McDonalds TM

19. McAloo Tikki — India

md20McDonalds TM

20. Maharaja Mac — India

md21McDonalds TM

21. Bacon potato pie — Japan

md22McDonalds TM

22. Deluxe breakfast roll with egg, hash brown, bacon and spicy tomato — Australia

md23McDonalds TM

23. Happy Hippo Meal featuring Pasta Zoo — Australia and New Zealand

md24McDonalds TM

24. McBeer — Germany, France, Italy and various other locations throughout Europe

md25McDonalds TM

25. Kanapka Drwala with pork rinds, a quarter-pounder patty, bacon, deep-fried cheese, sauce and lettuce — Poland


26. McLobster Rolls — Canada

md27McDonalds TM

27. McMolletes topped with refried beans, cheese and pico de gallo — Mexico

md28McDonalds TM

28. Gazpacho — Spain

md29McDonalds TM

29. Salmon filet wraps — Norway

md30McDonalds TM

30. Prosperity Burger with either chicken or beef patties — Malaysia

md31McDonalds TM

31. Spinach and Parmesan Nuggets — Italy

md32McDonalds TM

32. McArabia — Middle East

md34McDonalds TM

33. France Burger in a stone-bakes ciabatta roll with emmental cheese — France

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Has anyone tasted any of these wonderful McDonald’s dishes? How was it? Do they really taste good? Let us know in the comment.