Maximizing Thrive DFT Benefits: Tips and Insights

Like many of us, my health is my number one priority and my number one challenge. Ever since I graduated high school, I have always struggled to feel my best—I’m always feeling super low on energy, which really affects the rest of my health efforts. For 15 years, I was hopping from different wellness solutions, until finally, one stuck: Le-Vel Thrive.

It’s a simple but impactful program, which is exactly what I was always searching for. Two years later I’m still Thriving because it’s completely changed the way I approach my health. The game-changer for me was the Thrive DFT, or what is sometimes mistakenly known as the “Thrive patch.” There’s a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to this “Thrive patch” online, but as a superfan and a user for a couple of years now, I feel like I can speak to the real perks of the Thrive DFT.

What is Thrive DFT?

The Thrive DFT is a product from the health and wellness company called Le-Vel. Their main selling point is the Thrive Experience, a wellness program that is meant to help fill nutritional gaps in your diet, like essential vitamins and minerals that you may not be getting from your diet. When you don’t get enough of these nutrients, your body struggles to operate at its full potential, meaning a lot of your other health efforts like hitting the gym or dieting may still fall short.

The Thrive Experience has helped people all around the globe, but despite the success, there is still misinformation circling out there, like the erroneous “Thrive patch” name. “Thrive patch” is a bit misleading and doesn’t convey what the Thrive DFT really does. DFT stands for Derma Fusion Technology, which sounds a bit more sophisticated than a Thrive patch if you ask me. This patented technology is not a patch, but is considered “wearable nutrition” and is a key component for delivering nutrients through the skin.

Let me explain it in the context of the Thrive Experience. The Thrive Experience is made of 3 steps, each correlating with 3 products:

  • Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules You start your day with two premium lifestyle capsules first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. Every capsule has a mix of quality nutrients like antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, and more.
  • Premium Lifestyle Shake After about 20 minutes, enjoy a flavorful and nutrient-rich Thrive shake, which is especially known for its energy boost. A lot of people, myself included, replace breakfast with a shake since they are also pretty filling and packed with protein.
  • Thrive DFT Finally, apply the Thrive DFT to clean, dry skin, which you’ll replace every 24 hours. The best way to do this in my opinion is to create a daily habit where you switch out the DFT at the same time every day.

Thrive DFT Benefits

So why is the Thrive DFT my favorite part of Thrive? All 3 of the Thrive products work together to get the results that you want, but I love that the Thrive DFT is something I can put on in the morning and go about the rest of my day. Some of the main benefits that people like me notice include:

  • Appetite control. Some ingredients like amino acids or fiber tend to promote a feeling of fullness, which could potentially assist in appetite control and weight management.
  • Energy boost. Ingredients like B vitamins and caffeine may provide an energy boost and increased alertness throughout the day.
  • Nutritional delivery. Each DFT delivers a slew of nutrients that you may not be getting from your food, offering high-quality nutritional supplementation.
  • Mental clarity. Certain ingredients, such as amino acids or antioxidants, may help with brain fog and offer a bit more clarity
  • Digestion and immune support. Probiotics or prebiotic fibers may be included to support gut health, while certain vitamins and antioxidants may contribute to your immune system.

How to Use Thrive DFT

Though it isn’t a Thrive patch, the Thrive DFT is an adhesive that can easily be worn all day—it really is convenient. For application, make sure that your skin is clean and dry, and pick an area that is relatively lean like your shoulder or bicep. You don’t want to be wearing any lotions or oils, either.

When it comes to how long you need to wear it, each Thrive DFT is meant to be worn for 24 hours before being replaced. Replacing it every day helps maintain a consistent supply of nutrients and other substances throughout the day. To prevent skin irritation, I also rotate through different application areas.

What to Expect

First of all, the results of the Thrive Experience will vary from person to person and may take some time before you notice anything. For example, I noticed my Thrive DFT results in just a few days. However, the gal who introduced me to Thrive didn’t notice anything for about 3 weeks. We all have different bodies, different wellness goals, and so on.

Here’s the other caveat I will add; the Thrive DFT is so far from a Thrive patch because it isn’t going to make you lose inches overnight. The design of the Thrive DFT is to support your health efforts—so you still need to be intentional about your food and nutrition, get enough sleep, and incorporate some physical activity into your daily routine. This is actually why I appreciate the Thrive DFT. I know it isn’t an overnight scam, it just helps me function at my best and restores my energy so that I can do the things I need to maintain my health, like exercise and eat right.

Does Thrive DFT Have Caffeine in it?

There is some caffeine in the Thrive DFT since it contains ingredients like green coffee bean extract. This nutrient is derived from unroasted coffee beans and contains chlorogenic acid, which acts as an antioxidant. This is where you might feel an energy boost like me because of the green coffee bean extract’s caffeine content. Again, though, this isn’t a “Thrive patch,” which makes the DFT almost sound like a caffeine patch. The Thrive DFT has organic ingredients filled with nutrition and not necessarily packed with caffeine.

Is Thrive DFT Worth it?

I am a little biased, but I’m also pretty qualified as a user myself in saying that I think the Thrive DFT is 100% worth it. It has tons of health benefits that have empowered me to take control of my health and feel like myself again. I know a lot of other men and women who have had similar experiences, but truthfully, it’s something you’ll have to try for yourself. If you’re curious, check out Le-Vel today to learn more.