8 Old Things That Will Make You Rich If You Have Them

Time to check your attic right now. See if you have any of these everyday items that are in demand right now and people ready to pay you serious money for any them. Check it out!


Vintage foods

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Gourmets and collectors often pay serious money for limited series of products or simply commemorative goods like these old Gatorade energy drinks, which is from Michael Jordan’s limited collection that the seller estimated at $16,999.


First and rare book editions

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The first edition of J.K. Rowling’s legendary Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published in only 500 copies. It has a misprint in the writer’s name. Today this rare edition was auctioned off for £43,500.


Unique cell phones

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The first iPhone generation of the ’80s and ’90s are put up for sale for several thousand dollars. Though they are bulky cell phones, the appearance and efficiency of the phone is now appreciated. Two unpacked iPhone 2Gs are on sale for $12,999.


Old game gadgets

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The most popular are Tamagotchi (start $2,000), portable Game boy (can go as much as $6,500), and Nintendo NES with cartridges.


Rare toys

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Look for interactive Furby toys (up to $1,000) and Peanut soft blue elephants. For Lego fans, look for the Darth Vader prototype which was sold for $9,999.


Traditional collectible items

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One of the most valuable cards is Pikachu Illustrator, which has only 6 of them in the world. The price of one reaches $150,000.


Very rare vinyls

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A copy of The Beatles’ album Yesterday and Today with the scandalous cover is a very rare collector’s item. In this case, the cover is even more important than what’s inside. This particular album, for example, depicted in white butchers coats with headless baby dolls and pieces of raw meat, which is why they called it “The Butcher Cover.” The perfect vinyl with such a cover was sold at auction for $125,000.


Rare coins

Two euros coin dedicated to Grace Kelly was put into circulation in 2007, and it costs between 600 and 1,000 euros. Just 20,000 of them were made. One Italian cent was released in Italy 15 years ago, and costs around 6,000 euros. Why? The coins, issued in 2002, have the same design as 2-cent coins.