5 Life Hacks You Must Know About

If you’re anything like the rest of us, there are a number of issues that arise during daily living that are befuddling and confounding. Or maybe there are certain tasks that seem to take much longer than they should? You don’t need to worry anymore! There are plenty of life hacks that will help you live better you simply must know about. To find out about some of them read on:


Photo credit: upsocl.com

1. Making Iced Coffee Quickly

Iced coffee provides a delicious alternative for those of us who crave our morning caffeine, but waiting for it to cool can be a major pain in the neck. To avoid the long, tedious process of brewing coffee and waiting for it to cool off in the fridge, place the coffee in an ice cube tray. This will keep you from wasting valuable time each morning and allow you to drink your iced coffee the proper way, instead of choking it down while it is still lukewarm.


2. Moving Day

Moving day is one of the least enjoyable tasks that life has to offer, but there is an incredibly simple hack for this issue. All you need to do is place your heaviest items into rolling suitcases and you can transport them with ease, without having to worry about torn boxes and losing items that are truly important to you. It shouldn’t be a problem to get them in a good price either with all the special discounts Kohl’s is giving out when you use a Discountrue coupon.


3. Remembering Who Borrowed What

For those of us who are generous enough to lend out our possessions, the prospect of getting them back is often more difficult than allowing people to borrow them in the first place. If you are the sort of person who struggles to remember who has borrowed what from you, take a moment to snap a photo of the person holding it before they leave your home. When they won’t bring it back, all you need to do is send the picture, as a “friendly” reminder.



Photo credit: upsocl.com

4. Finding The Right Key

When we’ve acquired more keys than we know what to do with, finding the right one can be tough. Getting home after a long day at work and not being able to locate your house key is so frustrating… If you are constantly fumbling with your keys and struggling to find the right one, simply add some colored nail polish to the back of each one. Should you need to give them back later on, you can simply use nail polish remover!


5. Retrieving Wi-Fi Passwords

The prospect of asking an establishment for their wi-fi password can be a bit embarrassing. If you’d like to avoid this annoyance in the future, all you need to do is visit the establishment’s Foursquare page and scroll through the comments until you find what you are looking for.